Zetria Preview

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Author’s Note

This “preview” is just the tip; if you’d like to go balls deep, consider reading my full review.

Chapter One: Gameplay

Zetria is an puzzle-platformer with action elements. Ill prepared as a “rescue operator”, Solana must battle escaped aliens using scavenged keycards and weapons and carry unconscious scientists to safety. Whenever Solana has a scientist slung over her arm, she is unable to jump — paving the way for puzzle-platforming.

Chapter Two: Sexual Content

Solana’s encounters with runaway experiments are sight to see, but sex is absent from general gameplay. Advertised sex-scenes strictly take place in a gallery as non-interactive animations.

Chapter Three: Verdict

If you’re in the market for a casual puzzle-platformer with high-quality, consenting interspecies porn, Zetria provides. . . for a few hours. Once I saw the animations, I couldn’t find any incentive to keep playing. The puzzles are uneventful, combat is repetitive, and the sexual content isn’t even interactive. But this game is just one update away to being awesome (fingers crossed).

On the fence? Consider reading my full review on Zetria.

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