Failed Adventurer (3.5/5★)

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Failed Adventurer is a lewd “match three” game about a man with newfound demonic power on a rape-quest to extract vengeance from those who kicked him out of town!

Adult Content?
(FxM) sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free copy of this game for review purposes — thanks Srloop!

Gameplay: overview (4/5★)

Though Failed Adventurer shares mechanical similarities as “match-three” games, it is not a match-three game. Instead of rotating pairs of “beads”, you simply click on groups of two or more like-beads to eliminate them from the board; whichever bead you select will “level up” (provided you removed enough beads). When sufficiently leveled up, any bead can become a “S” bead. “S” beads remove all like-beads from the playing board, granting extraordinary effects (and making it easier to level up new beads). As beads are removed from the game, new ones take their place. The creation of “S” beads and management of new beads is essential to winning the game. There are three kinds of beads; two deal damage, and one recovers hit points. There is no time limit, but there is still a sense of urgency. Many foes have one or more skills and attacks that can lock the board and deliver painful, stacking damage.

Sexual Content: overview (3/5★)

There are nine sex-scenes (and one bonus, lewd image that isn’t in the gallery). Each scene is comprised of a single, animated CG with one or more variations for progression and climax. Most of the sex-scenes are rape and humiliation. There isn’t any interactivity — you just click until they end. The artwork is a delight; it’s beautifully rendered, and the animations are quality. I loved watching the expressions on the female protagonists’ faces. The male protagonist is deliberately designed to be a villiaous rapist; I’m skeptical anyone is going to be rooting for him. He looks like a total douche bag (mission accomplished Srloop?) The English doesn’t owe to finely crafted fap-stuff; it’s weirdly formatted, and the word choice is bizarre. Other than the dialogue, I enjoyed the sexual material.

Story: overview (2/5★)

Forcibly removed from his favorite hang-out, an unnamed adventurer (therein referred to as “Adventurer”) swears revenge against those who kicked him out of town. During his exile, he happens upon a “Lady Demon”. Wounded and cornered, his adventure nearly comes to halt. By some unbleivable luck, he happens upon the “Demon Cube”. The Lady Demon strikes (or more accurately, punctures) his hand, spraying his blood onto the cube. By another stroke of luck, the cube is awakened (right on time!) Inside rests an entity eager to extract revenge upon humanity — and “Mister Adventurer” is just the vasal. As he turns the tide of battle, he returns to the town with his newfound power. Oblivious to “the story about some fool that bonds with bonds with the demon”, “Mister Adventurer” asks no questions and does as the Demon Cube encourages — perhaps, it wasn’t dumb luck that brought them together.

Sound: overview (4/5★)

The sound effects are a joy (including the sexual sound effects!) The soundtrack is pretty dope, but I wish there were more sounds that were played while reading dialogue. It’s not okay to play “town music” when the player is confronted by their arch nemesis!

Visuals: overview (4/5★)

The titlescreen looks clean and professional. From “Option”, you may adjust audio, display, difficulty and language preferences. Individual CGs can be viewed from the “Album”. The user-interface can’t be hidden, and sex-scenes can’t be revisited unless you recomplete levels. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the visual aesthetic of the game. It looks great! I wish the visual-novel segments could be controlled via the keyboard or mouse. Clicking arrows takes more fine motor control than I care to offer — especially while fapping. As your opponents take damage, their clothes will tear. Strangely, the nudity is only shown when they are defeated.

Verdict: not bad, but English be trash (3.5/5★)

I’m really glad Srloop sent me a copy of this game; it has its problems (cough cough like English), but it’s a fun sort of “match-three” game. I was going to complain about how easy it was, but there’s a handy-dandy difficulty setting (which can accessed from the main menu). While the gameplay is easier to pick-up than traditionally match-three games, the skill ceiling is lower. It’s not hard to abuse the system and secure easy wins. While opponents have the ability to wreak havoc upon the playing field, they aren’t aggressive enough to make a difference. A lot of “match-three” games feature RPG mechanics, which offer some leeway with difficult battles. When players find themselves beat, they’re able to grind for an edge! I think one of the worse things about this game is the English; it’s unacceptably bad. If Srloop took the time to improve upon the writing, maybe Failed Adventurer would be worth asking price.

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