Seek Girl 2 (1/5★)

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Seek Girl 2 is a lewd hidden-object game.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

Mosaic’d genitalia.

Hours of Gameplay?
Ten minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Purchase as DLC.

Gameplay (1/5★)

Mash the “Enter” key until you find three keys — and then it’s game over! Seriously, that’s the whole game. It takes like, two minutes if you know what to do. Word of advice: the guys who chase you are your friend. Go talk to them!

Story (1/5★)

A woman has been captured and she wants to escape! Actually, there’s more to the “story”, but none of it is explained in-game. Allow me to quote the developer, EscapeGame:

She woke up to in the otherworldy.
The monsters are coming after her!
The door was locked.
That’s hot Strip Escape Game.
The room is full of mysteries.
She have got to overcame hardships.

My favorite part? “That’s hot Strip Escape Game.” If I ever get busted for abducting someone, I’ll just say “That’s hot Strip Escape Game” — I’m sure they’ll understand!

Visuals (2/5★)

The titlescreen isn’t terrible (but it still an eyesore). From “Options”, you may adjust audio, gameplay and language preferences. Most of the in-game interface is vestigial content from RPGMaker. You’d think EscapeGame could have at least made use of RPGMaker’s inventory system, yeesh.

The Goods (1/5★)

Whenever you’re “captured” by one of the “genies”, you’ll lose an article of clothing. The main protagonist does wind up totally nude, but her goodies are covered by devilish decals. Lame!

Seek Girl 2 – Nuded Sexy Patch 18+ [DLC]

This DLC removes the annoying decals (but nudity is still censored with mosaics, per un-American laws). It makes the player character nude, and whenever you’re captured you’ll see one of two (static), sexual CGs (instead of censored nude portraits). If it wasn’t for the protagonists chicken legs, I’d say they aren’t half-bad. Interestingly, this patch removes the original CGs.

Verdict (1/5★)

Awful, awful awful. I didn’t think I’d be playing this game again! Despite forgetting how to play, it still only took me seven minutes to beat the game — last time, it took me five. The fact EscapeGame thinks this is a one-dollar game is an insult to Steam consumers. But that’s not all! They think the DLC is worth as much as the game! For the low-low price of two dollars, you’re able to enjoy five minutes of boring-ass gameplay and a few bleh CGs. Seek Girl 2 is so bad I consider it a scam.

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