Woah, whadda-ya doin’ here?

Listen, I appreciate your interest in wombat reads, but I’m kinda busy writing those. . . wombat reads. Seriously, I’m still working on this page and it’s respective subpages. Don’t the wombats and poop stacks give it away?

Lucid Dreams

In this world, there really are monsters under your bed — and nightmares are more than “bad dreams”. Mankind is not alone. “Reality” is but a veil, and simply knowing demons exist is enough to endanger oneself. Free from “real life” pressure and limitations, dreams offer a canvas where their world can intertwine with ours. Discovery of the occult often starts with lucid dreaming: to realize that you’re dreaming as you sleep. By visiting otherworldly creatures, a bond is created and strengthened through repetition. As the line between thought and “real life” are blurred, it’s possible to meet otherworldly beings in the flesh — and for the dedicated few, to learn their magic. Thanks to modern technology, information is able to be delivered worldwide instantaneously. Knowledge has never been easier to acquire. . . and so too the audience of a demon.

Tentacles and lolis: a winning combination!

Not a ripoff of Skyrim (at all!)

A Bobbish Tale

Imagine a world where battles are fought not with swords, but rather schlongs. Or schlongs with swords attached, whatever. Or fuck it — swords and schlongs with swords attached to them! The Bobbish Tale is a very adult parody of the Elder Scrolls games. This world is basically made of childish, crass humor and obscene sex acts. It’s stupid. It’s completely idiotic. There are pretty much no rules — it’s more-or-less a humorous cartoon world. If any of you are ever cursed with me as your dungeon master, this is the kind of shit you’ll have put up with! The Bobbish Tale is named after the main protagonist, Bob. However, the Bobbish Tale is more than a big-dicked, middle-aged man that keeps losing his schlong — yes, losing his schlong. Schlongs are a hot commodity, and so is anything they’ll fit into! Personally, I love writing story and characters for this setting!