Amy Tann

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Age: Thirty-two

Ethnicity: Asian/American

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 6in

Occupation: Self-employed

Orientation: Bisexual

Residence: Beavertown

Species: Human

Weight: 134 Pounds

About Amy Tann

Amy is regarded as a typical, hardworking, stay-at-home mom. But Amy is more than an everyday mom; she’s a nymphomaniac! Whether it’s her daughter, friends or “clients”, Amy has a hard time keeping her hands to herself. She also maintains an online business selling adult toys. Amy is always looking for ways to make more money — she’s willing to trade her body to pay the bills. 

Sexual Information

Gosh boss, much empty no?


Hannah Tann — Daughter

Amy’s only child. Amy became a mommy during highschool (following a brief relationship with Chadrick Dunns).

Chad Duns — Ex-boyfriend

Amy’s “deadbeat hubby” (though never married). Amy’s promiscuity is nothing new — as a matter of fact, it was her sexual needs that drew them together. As teenagers, their hormonal urges were off the rails. Chad was not interested in “sex before marriage”, nor was he interested in Amy as a lifelong partner. However, Amy was nigh unaware of the importance of contraceptives. Chad insisted that “pulling out is just as effective” — within weeks, Amy’s womb was fertilized. Unwilling to accept a father’s burden, Chad dropped out of high school, leaving Amy to raise her child on her own. With the support of her family, Amy managed to pull through four years of college with baby Hannah. Since her stint with Chad, Amy has long forgotten his transgressions (but never forgiven).

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