Ask a Wombat! 074

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Bemused asks about “Fi da Booty Samurai“. . .

I know a pure texture mod cannot be everything, but if you ever get a chance to implement the main character’s outfit adjustments to be delayed somehow (perhaps in the form of clothing damage), that would fit the game’s premise.

(Also, the sixth version of uabea has not been popping up anything for the renaming of resources.assets but presumably you knew that already…)

DatWombat writes. . .

I’m delighted to inform you that recently (actually, well yesterday) I successfully ported a modded model into a Unity game. It took me many, many days of miserable trial and error, but it opens up many possibilities for all of my Unity modding projects.

Unfortunately, “clothing damage” is well beyond the scope of my modding abilities. If such a mod is possible, it’d require intimate knowledge of Unity Studio, #C, and of course Fi da Puti Samurai itself. But I agree!

Clothes breaking would “fit the game’s premise”! Although it wouldn’t make a lot of sense unless Zanardi and Liza implemented a third-person camera or some other method to view the player character outside of her cabin. I’m pretty sure I recommended more mirrors to the developers at one point, but I implore you to suggest clothes breaking to the team via the Steam Discussions board. Historically, Zanardi and Liza have been quite receptive to gameplay suggestions, and I’d love to see a clothes breaking system to make the most out of my nude mod.

Regarding your concerns with “the sixth version of uabea”, I’m pretty sure the latest version of Fi da Booty Samurai is functioning correctly. Just now, I successfully read the appropriate package/EMIP file and wrote to my resources.assets file using the latest version of the program. Are you sure you’re following my tutorial correctly?

If need be, feel free to reach out to me via my Steam Discussions post, “Fi da Booty Samurai: A nude mod for Fi da Puti Samurai”. I’m hoping to generate enough buzz around my mod to encourage the developer to push modding support and meaningful sexual content for the game.

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