Category: Steam

Crimson Colosseum (3.5/5★)

Crimson Colosseum is a lewd, turn-based RPG about a gladiator that must secure her freedom in twenty todays — or become a sex-slave until the day she dies.

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Failed Adventurer (3.5/5★)

Failed Adventurer is a lewd “match three” game about a man with newfound demonic power on a rape-quest to extract vengeance from those who kicked him out of town!

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Sweet House (3/5★)

Sweet House is a lewd hidden-object game about an unnamed protagonist and his sexual exploits with three lady friends.

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The Wolf’s Girl (3/5★)

The Wolf’s Girl is a lewd jigsaw puzzle game about a man and his bestfriend (and secret lover) during a fateful night beneath the full moon.

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Last Standing (3.5/5★)

Last Standing is a lewd connect-three game about a man on a mission to “conquer” the queen’s heart (and her every warrior while’s he’s at it!)

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Magical Valkyrie Lyristia (4/5★)

Magical Valkyrie Lyristia is a lewd turn-based RPG about a young school-girl that is bestowed the power of the “Magical Valkyrie” in order to save her friend, and join the fight against the evil Fakker organization!

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