Demon Sword: Incubus Review (3/5★)

Table of Contents

Demon Sword: Incubus is a lewd hack-‘n-slash about Amila’s quest to defeat an evil warlock.

Adult Content

(FxF, FxM) Sexual content.


Mosaic’d Genitalia.

Adult Patch



Four hours.

Chapter One: Introduction

I received a free, early access copy of this software from the developer for review purposes. My game may differ from the published product. For the purposes of this review, I will only be discussing the patched game.

Chapter Two: Gameplay (3/5★)

Demon Sword: Incubus has two gears, boring and surprisingly hard. The hack-‘n-slash gameplay gets monotonous as enemies grow spongier and more numerous. The bosses are generally challenging, but not impossible — as long as you’re able to effectively combo powerful “Moves” and “Spells”. Moves and Spells are purchasing using “Talent Points”, which are awarded upon leveling up. The leveling system grants consistent upgrades, providing an engaging feedback loop while grinding for a leg-up.

Section One: Controls

Demon Sword: Incubus has a surprisingly robust move set available for players willing to learn the button combinations. However, I found it difficult to get the timing of the button commands right. I think I spent more time on “Tutorial” levels than any actual stage trying to figure out how to execute the provided instructions. Thankfully, “Simple Controls” give players the option to map moves to number keys. I mapped “Final Inquiry” to my “1” key, allowing me to one-shot mobs of enemies and end boss fights quickly.

Section Two: Balancing

I’ve seen worse balancing, but that’s not saying much. Enemies and bosses become ridiculously tanky as the game progresses. It’s difficult to chain precise button inputs when you’re surrounded by foes. Bosses are the only fights that encourage (or in some cases, require) skill-based attacks.

On “Normal” difficulty, enemies are push overs. Between constant regeneration and regular items drops, it’s difficult to be slain by regular enemies. Some bosses felt overpowered, but they are beatable as long as you learn to block, dash, and use the correct magic attacks when their guard is down. When all else fails, you can always grind for level-ups or redistribute owned Talent Points to rebuild your character.

Section Three: Dressing Room

Alina’s appearance may be customized using the “Dressing Room”. New “Costumes” are unlocked whenever she completes most stages. Outfits prevent enemies from raping her when she is knocked down or grappled. If you want Alina to be raped, have the option forgo her protection by entering battle with pre-damaged clothing!

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (3/5★)

I counted thirty rape animations and seven fully voiced sex-scenes. There is no consensual sex in the game. . . unless you count the first sex-scene. Technically Amila didn’t have to have sex with her brother, she could have let her kingdom burn instead!

The sex-scenes are decently animated, but there’s such a clashing mix of models it can be difficult to take them seriously. I have mixed feelings about the cum and squirt animations, which are depicted with an excess of 2D sprites. One should expect bestiality, tentacles, incest and monster sex from this game.

Section One: Gallery

Whatever sexual content Amila encounters is made available in the “Gallery”. Unfortunately, you don’t have any control over sexual animations in-game. But the Gallery gives you all the time in the world to torment Amila! Upon completing the game, all possible entries in the Gallery are automatically unlocked.

Section Two: Grapple Attacks

Amila’s clothes have five stages of damage, but she doesn’t have to be fully nude to be raped. When her orifices are exposed, her body is fair game whenever she is grappled or knocked over! Amila is invincible while she is violated, allowing players to watch her suffer without any penalty. As a matter of fact, she gains experience every time she is inseminated or forced to orgasm! However it’s impossible to gain Talent Points from rape — she will stop gaining experience points just before collecting a level.

Section Three: “Game Overs”

Some bosses have an optional “game over” sequence, playable when Amila is defeated. These animations are more detailed than most sexual content, including dialogue and storytelling — I just wish they were longer.

Chapter Four: Story (2/5★)

Amila must defend her family’s land — and by extension, the world from a demon invasion led by “the evil warlock Reidval”. Her home, the Latomus Plains are the last bastion of humanity. She must follow in her mother’s footsteps by taking the “Demon Sword Incubus” from its magical prison and thwart Reidval’s evil invasion!

Chapter Five: Sound (4/5★)

Section I: Soundtrack

The sound track is really invigorating, like something you’d expect from a classic beat-’em-up. There were times I couldn’t help but think “this is awesome!” The music may be too rock for some people’s taste, but it’s up my ally.

Section II: Sound Effects

Amila sounds super cute as she swings her weapon — her cries somewhat remind me of higher-pitched Link (from Legend of Zelda). Sex sounds like hentai, complete with excessive Japanese crying and panting.

Section III: Voice Acting

I don’t speak Japanese, so I can’t comment on the quality of acting. However, Sariel and Quon sounded muffled, seemingly marking a discrepancy in recording quality. It was immerssion breaking any time they spoke.

Chapter Six: Visuals (3/5★)

Section I: User Interface

The user-interface is easy to read and visually interesting. It can be partially navigated via keyboard, but most of the time only the keyboard works. From the “Game Settings” menu, audio, gameplay, language and visual preferences are adjustable. If at any point you want to turn off adult content, the “Rating” drop-down acts as a switch. Unfortunately, the “Key Config” prompt only seems to apply to game pads, not keyboards.

Section Two: Graphics

The hodgepodge of premade graphics failed to impress me. The detail and style of models vary wildly, making this game difficult to take seriously. Normally succubus rape is pretty hot — but when I recognized “Goddes [sic] of Death” from a shitty meme game I played years ago, my suspension of belief went into a trashcan.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (3/5★)

Demon Sword: Incubus is a really mediocre side-scroller. From beginning to end, most of the game is moving right and spamming attacks. When the hack-‘n-slash gameplay goes stale, it’s up the boss fights to maintain your interest. The graphics are an unsatisfying mixture of premade assets and the story is poorly written (or perhaps, poorly translated). The only redeeming quality to this game is the creative sexual content. Demon Sword: Incubus isn’t a great game, but if you’re looking for a reason to turn off your brain for an afternoon it might be worth looking into.

Epilogue: Recommendations


Add remappable keys so players may switch to WASD controls.

Reduce the overall tankiness of enemies, especially while “guarding”.

I would say simpler attacks, but “Simple Controls” technically works — it’s just unsatisfying to use. I appreciate the accessibility, but it feels like cheating to me. I found the commands for attacks tedious against regular enemies and too complicated given the speed of boss battles. Did the developers use “Simple Controls” to beat the game?

Make the last boss vulnerable more often, maybe even during the entire fight. This would encourage players to perform mid-air combos while waiting for his next attack.

Sexual Content

Add interchangeable backdrops to the Gallery. Perhaps, a section from each stage.

Add Sariel, Kokona, and Quon as interchangeable actors in the Gallery (in place of Amila).

Increase the functionality of “game over” screens within the Gallery. I would like to be able to cycle through animations and replay climaxes without replaying the full sequence.

Make the user-interface toggleable while viewing sexual content. The “Gallery” has leftover UI after clicking “Hide” and sex-scenes are obstructed by the dialogue box.


Add a plot twist. It’s suggested that the sword corrupts the owner — yet Amila is never malformed by its power. Alternativity, the writers could have subverted expectations by having the reputation of the sword exceed its actual power or evil qualities. Perhaps, the power to slay demons is in Amila’s blood, passed down from her mother (the previous owner of the blade and supposed witch).


Fix Sariel and Quon’s audio.


Add mouse support to all user-interfaces.

Improve the artistic coherency of character models.

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