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END OF THE WORLD – NTR is a stealth game about collecting food to get into a waifu’s pants.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

Mosaic’d genitalia.

Hours of Gameplay?
Thirty minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Collect and cook food to earn lewds and new minigames. “Energy” is expended when “exploring”, though it can be regained by food. You must dodge zombies and collect trash bags, which contain Cheetos, leeks and steaks. To cook them, all that you have to do is time a single button press. In addition to gaining energy, cooking will also yield “hearts”. Hearts are used to unlock a gallery and two new minigames. The first is a game of “cups”, where you must track a diamond in a flurry in spinning cups. The second game is an extension of the gallery, but it’s fully animated and way more lewd.


It’s the end of the world, and zombies have taken over! You escaped the pandemic, and you’re one of two survivors holed-up in some concrete refuge. You share a space with an attractive woman, though she’s not receptive to your. . . sexual advances. Nevermind repopulating the world, she’s mourns the lost of her boyfriend, Tong. You offer to find him, though little does she know you know the way to her heart: it doesn’t take her long to forget Tong as you fill her tummy with trash-bag steaks and street-leeks!


The titlescreen is attractive and stylistic, but it looks cheap — could be the low-poly assets. There are no adjustable user-preferences (which is kind of BS). The in-game visuals are unremarkable. If I’m not mistaken, I think I’ve seen a lot of the low-poly assets in other games, and they strike me as so, so stock. The protagonist looks like she came from another dimension! It’s too bad her world didn’t have the budget for HD textures.

The Goods

There are five static CGs and one short movie to see from the “Gallery”. Only a few of the CGs feature nudity, and the movie isn’t one of them; but it’s got clothed masturbation! Once you unlock the final minigame, you can choose from ten sexual animations (which focus on a handful of sex-positions). The animations aren’t remarkable, but they’d be serviceable if it wasn’t for the gross censorship. Normally, I try not to complain about censorship, but the mosaics in this particular game are dreadful. Each animation is timed, and once time’s up it’s orgasm time! Unfortunately, there aren’t any sick money shots.


Wait for a strong sale or removal of mosaics. If it wasn’t for the generous sexual content, I would have slammed this game with a strongly worded review. END OF THE WORLD – NTR could be an okay game with a few gameplay refinements. If dodging zombies was more responsive and challenging, it’d make collecting snacky-snacks way funner. If the lewd-content was better distributed, and not unlocked all-at-once it’d make for stronger lewd-experience. END OF THE WORLD – NTR is not dissimilar in quality from what I expect from “memeware”: there is actual gameplay, and actual hentai to watch!

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