Faptastic Journey

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Faptastic Journey is a lewd tower defense game about a man that finds himself in an unknown world at war.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Three or four hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Steam.


A real-time tower defense game with RPG elements and visual novel story telling. There are twenty chapters to play, each featuring a level and two VN segments. Gameplay involves purchasing elemental “dice”, which you may combine and arrange to increase the power and number of your attacks. Between battles, you may purchase spells and a wide variety of upgrades to enhance your overall performance. Every other chapter, you will unlock lewd, interactive CGs.

. . . yes, this is a game you can play one-handed!


In a nutshell. . .

Jack wakes up in Faptopia, a world of buxom ladies and magic. With no memories other than his own name, Jack finds himself thrown smack-dab into an ongoing war, between the Tribes and Demons. As it turns out, Jack is the chosen one to become a king, and a put a stop to the war.

. . . out of the shell (with spoilers!)

With no recollection of events before, Jack wakes to a flesh-eating (but sexy) demon named Elsa. He is joined by Lisa, leader of the Fire Tribe, as they fend the demon off. Lisa demands that he tell her what business he had with Elsa; Jack informs her that he hasn’t a clue what is happening. Jack learns that he is in Faptopia, the Land of Magic. She suspects that Jack wandered inside a “teleportation gate” and found himself lost.

Naturally, Jack wants to go home.

Problem being, opening teleportation gates is considered a crime, and few people in Faptopia have the power to do so. The last to open the gate was the Shadow Leader; and Elsa was a pawn of his. Lisa takes Jack to see one of her soldiers, Laura. They pay another comrade a visit, Gaia. Jack is confronted by the demon once again, and she claims that Jack has the making of a king.

Gee, where I have I heard that before?

Jack possesses a tremendous “magic potential” — in other words, he is able to learn and apply magic faster and better than anyone else in the Kingdom. She reveals that she is Shadow Leader’s head general, and she represents the Demon Clan. She offers him a position in their cause, promising rulership of the kingdom and any woman he desires. During his conversation with Elsa, she slips a poison inside his head. Lisa and Gaia take him to Ariel’s, a woman with magic healing abilities. As she neutralizes the poison, his memories return.

He remembers his girlfriend, Emily, and a car accident — and this is never touched on again.

Jack returns to Laura’s place where he learns about her situation; as the last of her tribe, she has no option but to fight for Lisa, even though she abhors violence. Jack offers to learn tribe’s magic, so that he can fight in her place and she may retire from the war. After becoming her successor, he revisits Gaia to receive new training. After a near disastrous sparring session, Jack is confronted once again by Elsa.

They get into another fight and Jack pretty much blacks out.

He meets a talking shadow that urges him to find the Fire Spirit. Jack wakes in Gaia’s bed, and they exchange one last training session before he returns to Ariel. They spar, and she says that his fighting is identical to her fiance’s, Tibel. She determines that Elsa’s poison has somehow connected him to Tibel, who perished during a fight with her. Jack enters Ariel’s memories, where he enters Tibel’s body to fight Elsa (without the danger of actually fighting her). Tibel too fell to Elsa’s poison, and he committed suicide to protect his lover.

Gee, that got dark — and it gets darker later on.

Ariel explains tha the Fire Spirit is a magic that is passed down between generations in the FIre Tribe. After reliving her traumatic memories with Tibel, she grants Jack her power so that she too can withdraw from the war, much like Laura. Lisa confronts them about her decision; she is unsatisfied with her allies granting their powers to Jack, and backing out. Lisa and Jack clash, and she retreats to her castle.

Jack learns that the Shadow Leader is in fact, Lisa’s father; and he wields the fire spirit.

Lisa has no interest in winning the war. Rather, she wishes to defeat her father, to prove her self worth and claim the fire spirit as her own. Lisa beats Jack and forces him to flee. He arranges a meeting with Elsa, and offers his hand in friendship to stop Lisa from endangering more lives. According to Elsa, Lisa’s father raped her sister, and he took her power as his own. Lisa and Jack enter one last confrontation, and with her defeat Elsa turns her into a sex slave for Jack.

Actually, I rooted for Elsa — I’m glad Jack pairs up with her.

With Jack’s blessing, Elsa rebuilds the Demon tribe and the war ceases. The tribes become at peace once again, and Jack sticks around to rule his new subjects, with Elsa by his side.


Though the the titlescreen is well-organized, I wasn’t impressed. The user-interface is clean and attractive — this I was impressed by. From the “Settings” menu, you may adjust audio, display and language preferences. The “Random R18” button will deliver a random sex CG to your screen, regardless if you have unlocked it or not. Unlocked CGs can otherwise be viewed in-game from the “Gallery”. The user-interface cannot be hidden when viewing CGs. However, there is little interface that gets between you and the CG.

So. . . partial credit.

The Goods

There are ten animated CGs to unlock, and they are animated wonderfully. Half of them are interactive, and the other half play-out like visual novel scenes. The sexual content is so good, I would recommend this game for the CGs alone.

. . . expect male-on-female sexual content.


I absolutely recommend this game. The gameplay is engaging (albeit monotonous) and the sex scenes are awesome. There is character development and an over-arching story to soak in (though it could have been told a lot better). Given the content and playtime, I can wholeheartedly recommend this title at full price.

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