Magical Waifus Academy (3/5★)

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Magical Waifus Academy is a lewd RPG about a student that goes around screwing monster girls with a horny fairy — sounds legit.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Three or four hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free, copy of this game from the developer — thanks Wataponno!

Gameplay (4/5★)

Explore dungeons and beat-up baddies (or uh, beat-off to baddies?) You’re able to carry four “spells”, which provide a variety of effects (which are mostly dealing damage). Their potency is determined via a series button presses (kind of like a rhythm game). You’re free to take your time, but your enemies won’t wait for you! Each enemy has a pink and a green gauge; the former determines how often they attack, and the latter how often they sexually (and consensually) assault you! It’s important to keep an eye on your foes, and prioritize nearer threats. Dungeons net “Arcana”, which is used to boost your stats and learn new skills (and ultimately, to lewd your peers!) However, you can only do so much exploration each day — if you spend too much time outside the Academy you’ll pass out (and lose all your precious Arcana!)

Story (2/5★)

You’re the new guy at school, and everybody hates you (because you’re the new guy at school). Previously an all-girl school, your sausage is an unwelcome addition to the academy. You’ll have to prove your worth to your peers as you explore the multiverse (which happens to be chock full o’ monster girls hungry for a man!)

Visuals (3/5★)

The titlescreen looks great! The interface is off-centered and there is no “settings” button, but I dig the animation. However, you’re able to adjust audio and display preferences in-game via the gearbox icon. You can even disable adult content! I wish the game did not default to “New Game” — considering you’re only allowed one save, that’s a big problem. I love pixel art, but Magical Waifus Academy has big issues with scaling and resolution. When you have multiple sprites side-by-side with differing resolutions, it causes them to appear “blurry” instead of stylistic (and that happens way too often in this game).

The Goods (4/5★)

There are twenty-eight pixel animations (or “summons”), and fourteen full-art CGs (or “‘research’ notes”). As “summons” are not full-art images, they can only be viewed against a backdrop (or when they naturally occur in-game). Each one can be “progressed” until climax by rocking the arrow keys. The artwork and animations are pretty dope, and if you’re a fan of monster girls you’ll love how robust the gallery is. The full-art CGs are typically static, and most of them offer one or two variations for progression or climax. I thought the artwork was a smidge amateurish, but it’s still super high-quality.

But that’s not all!

Magical Waifus Academy also comes with a sixty-nine (of course sixty-nine) page PDF detailing the universe, and its inhabitants (with tons of illustrations!) This thing is huge — and it’s pretty damn well detailed. I was expecting the “bonus content” to be a few wallpapers or WIPS (but I’d totally buy those, just saying). Turns out, Wataponno is offering a complimentary book! It’s a shame the lore and artwork didn’t make it into the game itself. The book can found in the following location+:

[Drive Letter]:\Steam\steamapps\common\Magical Waifus Academy\Additionnal material

Verdict (3/5★)

Overall, not a bad game (but it needs some work). If you ask me, Magical Waifus Academy is worth it’s weight in lewds, but if you’re interested in gameplay I’d wait for a sale. You’re forced to plow through each dungeon within seconds, paying no heed to anything but the exit (thanks to the day and night system). If luck doesn’t favor you, you just lose. The combat system is novel, but it’s hardly fit for “one-handed” gameplay. Though Magical Waifus Academy can be completed relatively quickly, it’s still somewhat grindy and repetitive. You’re gonna spend a lot of time trying to level-up and unlock the full gallery. But despite its flaws, this game is worth picking up. I had a lot of fun with this title (and how can you say “no” to a naked monster girl?)

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