No Honor

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No Honor is a lewd 2D sidescroller about an unnamed protagonist summoned to a doomed world, a last resort against the Blood Curse and humanity’s extinction.


(Adult) Content?
(FxF, FxM) Sexual content.


Hours of Gameplay?
Four or five hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download as DLC.


Shoot wave-after-wave of mutants and tackle various bosses! You can collect or purchase up to five weapons, each suited for a different role; the revolver is free to fire; the machine gun clears mobs; the shotgun wipes air-based foes; the railgun is totally OP; and the cannon provides close-range, explosive ordinance. All enemies drop “Blood Gems” on death, which can be used to purchase ammo and restore hit-points. It’s easy to deal with enemies on one-side of the screen, but if you let them surround you no amount of regeneration will save your skin! Be sure to upgrade your weapons — enemies are bullet sponges, and your survival depends on not getting cornered!

I stopped having fun after a certain boss — I think she’s between stage seven and eight.

You lose the ability to regenerate via consuming Blood Gems — instead, the only way to heal is to attack her point-blank with a “holy sword”. The heals it provides are paltry, and getting close to her means sacrificing valuable response time. She moves lightning-fast, and her attacks hit instantaneously. She deals enormous damage, and she’s backed by a “holy spirit” that follows you wherever you go. If you die, if have to rewatch the cutscene that precedes her — which is roughly twenty-four seconds in length — and she can kill you in less than six seconds. She can kill you four times, from start to finish every time you’re forced to watch that wretched cutscene!

For the love of everything good, Devs, can we have our heals back?


The English isn’t great — so take my understanding of the story with a grain of salt. A human is summoned by a little-blue spirit (whom I’ll call “Little Thing”). Little Thing summons her to reclaim the Blood Crystal, which is being abused to convert humanity into grotesque monsters. The Blood Crystal is in possession of a dark-colored “Little Thing”, and he believes the loss of mankind is of no concern to his people. The only between his evil Blood Curse and total annihilation is an unnamed protagonist and the other end of her barrel!


The titlescreen is plain and the graphics are off-centered. You may adjust audio, display and language preferences from the “Option” screen. CGs can be reviewed from “CG”, and the user-interface is completely hidden. I enjoyed the user-interface, but the text sometimes overlaps (making it nearly impossible to read). Additionally, the English is less-than-stellar, and there are a handful of misspellings I caught during my playthrough. No Honor has a somewhat “retro”/pixelated aesthetic, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The baddies are off-putting, and they explode into heaps of bloody entrails as your pump ’em full of lead! However, I would have liked to have seen more variety in backgrounds!

I bought No Honor for adult-content — nude patch, anyone?

The Goods

There are seven animated CGs, which are unlocked after defeating each major boss. The artwork and animations strike me as somewhat amateur — below-average. There are no climaxes or progression. Each CG consists of a short animation loop, in which the protagonist is raped by the enemy she is defeated by. When No Honor first released on Steam, I didn’t think it was an adult-game — the 18+ DLC was released roughly six months after the core game. I can’t help but wonder. . . was an adult-patch released after the fact just to boost sales?

If so, I strongly approve.


Wait for updates. No Honor is a surprisingly difficult, but not impossible, side-scroller shooter with a side of adult-content. I bought this game in response to the free adult-DLC that was released — however No Honor is no adult-game. There are sexual CGs, but there are no sex-scenes. The lack of character development doesn’t owe to engaging story telling (or arousing content). Gameplay is repetitive: it’s difficult to tell if you’re actually progressing. Making matters worse, if you die you have to redo it all! There was an unforgivably hard boss fight I got stuck on, and it made me lose interest in beating the game. If you’re looking for a challenging, inexpensive 2D shooter No Honor is a great buy!

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