Primeval Planet: Angimanation

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Primeval Planet: Angimanation is a lewd sidescroller shooter about Ava, a lone soldier stranded on a doomed, hostile planet.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Four or more hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Look for keys, shoot baddies, micromanage your inventory, and try not to get raped! You may only hold a limited number of items, rendering inventory space a valuable asset. It’s possible to “combine” items to improve their effectiveness, or even create entirely new items altogether. Your only means of defending yourself is a handgun, and ammunition is both essential to progression and extremely limited — take care not to overshoot (or consider your game over). Much of the game is spent searching for keys, opening new cutscenes and sections to move along the story (and uncover lore). Enemies will attempt to rape the protagonist, pumping her with their toxins and their young as they chew away her health points. It’s important to maintain a suit of armor, protecting you from nearly all forms of damage: your womb is the difference between life or death.

Unfortunately, the save system is asinine .

There is only once place in the game to save, and that’s the starting area. There is a vast explorable word, which is complex enough to require a map to navigate. As quests take place further and further away from the starting area, back tracking becomes increasingly tedious (and wasteful, considering enemies respawn and ammunition doesn’t.) You can carry up to one “portable save”, but it can only be used once, only one can be held at once, and it can only be obtained from the starting area. It’s never clear where best to save, and a simple mistake can cost you all of your precious ammunition, armor, and medicinal items. If dieing didn’t cause the game to reset to your last save (allowing you to maintain items and progression), then I could accept backtracking as a punishment and not a necessity.

I honestly quit when I opened a door only to spawn in between three enemies, resulting a long, agonizing death.


Ava Liberty of the Angimanation expedition force crash landed on planet Kambrian, a hostile world home to Warmbugs, parasitic aliens that rely on strictly female, human hosts — specifically, their vaginal orifices. Liberty isn’t the only stranded on Kambrian; she is joined by lover, Captain Talent, and her squaddies Antiya, Sardo, and Alla. However, their whereabouts are unknown. With no means to leave and her lover nowhere to be seen, Ava attempts to reestablish contact with her teammates. However, the expedition force isn’t the only force on Kambrian. The Imperial Empire has taken Kambrian as their own, and behind closed doors they are abducted women for use in vile, Warmbug-related experiments. Seeing how Ava and her teamies are women, it goes without saying that its in their best interest to avoid contact; however, the Imperials are also the only ticket off Kambrian. Will Ava reunite with her beloved Talent, or will she fall prey to the Imperials’ dirty secret?


The titlescreen is thematic, and I enjoyed the animation. I would preferred something sexier, but it’s serviceable. The “Start Game” and “Load Game” options are self-explanatory. From the “Gallery”, you may review CGs. The “Dark Room” provides a means to spawn enemies that have encountered, allowing you to review their respective sex-scenes without game-overs. I’m unsure if it’s possible to see pregnancy scenes from the “Dark Room”, though if possible it would take quite some time to allow pregnancy to run its course without toggles. There appear to be no means to adjust user-preferences, with should be a staple in every game ever.

Also, the English leaves something to be desired.

I thoroughly enjoyed the in-game visuals. The animations and characters remind me of those internet flash games, with the anime-eske characters and a particular method of animation — you’d have to see it to know what I’m talking about. The artwork at times looks flat and amateurish, but that’s part of the charm. I enjoyed the simplistic style, and the stiff-at-times animation. I’m probably going to date myself with this, but the style of the characters kind of remind me of those from Adventure Quest Worlds.

— and the CGs are just icing on the cake!

The Goods

I’m unsure how many animations or CGs there are to see, but each enemy has a few sexual animations to see, typically divided between groping and “cumpies”. In addition, there are twelve static CGs to see, though not all of them are sexual. During my four or five hour playthrough, the only consensual sex-scenes I saw were when the protagonist was forced to masturbate due to her “Horny” meter getting too high. Once you lose your “Armor”, your “Horny” will passively, forcing masturbation (or sex if there’s enemies around) and allowing any enemy to take advantage of you on contact. I thoroughly enjoyed the animations, though it’s worth mentioning that nearly all of them involve rape or forced, alien insemination.

For a game with a strong emphasis on sex, it fails hard as a hentai game.

Sex causes the player to take an immense amount of damage, causing the screen the to turn red and eventually black. In addition, should the player become pregnant it’s game-over if they don’t manage to find (or craft) birth control in time. This is a hentai game that punishes the player for engaging in hentai scenes. Should you die, it’s back to your last save point (which are restricted to single spot on the world map, or via a one-use mobile device only obtainable from that single spot.) Though some form of “gameover” is necessary to raise the stakes, I think it’s more appropriate to return the player to a nearby checkpoint, or allow them to “respawn” without penalty — allowing them to enjoy sex-scenes relatively stress free.

At least let players keep their items and progression after death!


Wait for a sale, or some serious quality of life updates. Primeval Planet: Angimanation is a great concept, held back by frustrating game mechanics and slow gameplay. I find it somewhat difficult to recommend this game; sometimes, it’s a fun game, but every time I lose half-an-hour of progress because of some stupid reason (like getting gangraped in a corner, figuratively and literally) I just want to close the application and play something else. It sucks backtracking, and the game designed in such a way that if you don’t know any better, you may become incapable of progressing (and be forced to make a new save). It wouldn’t take a lot to make this game an easy recommendation, and I hope it reaches its potential on Steam.

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