Public Defense Corp

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Public Defense Corp is a lewd RPG about Haruka, a pilot tasked with defending Japan from invasion, no matter the cost.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Eight or nine hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Kagura Games.


I received a free copy of this game from Kagura Games. I’d appreciate it if I got your guys’ at least twenty-four hours in advance, but after a few days of buckling down I pulled through!


Kill baddies in turn-based combat and participate in television shows. You may participate in three “missions” every day, which typically involve killing a “leader” unit or all enemies. Sometimes, it’s better to avoid conflict: your hit-points don’t regenerate during missions (unless you build costly “repair kits” ahead of time.) All enemies drop one or more “cores”, which are used to upgrade your character. Defeating foes and rescuing civilians will net “Contribution Points” (or “CP”), which represent your fame. As your CP increases, you’ll automatically unlock enhanced gear (due to increased funding and public support). Between missions, you can engage in “Publicity Relations”, which increase the amount of CP you gain from battles. Publicity events are comprised of cutscenes, and mostly serve to pedal sex-scenes.

Take care not to gain too much “lust” from publicity stunts — unless you want the “bad ending”!


The year is “20XX”, and Japan has been invaded by the terrorist organization Jakou. Rising to action were the Public Defense Corpations and Self-Defense Forces, privately funded military groups. Jakou utilize immense, bidpedal machines known as “Cuwal”; in response, similar units called “FUW” were dispatched to meet them on equal terms. Haruka Kuramori’s home was destroyed by Jakou forces. Swearing revenge, she joins a Public Defense Corp as a FUW pilot. Little does she know, her employers plan on using her “assets” to garner publicity and sponsorships. Haruka is willing do anything to get back at Jakou — even if it means surrendering her innocence to Japan!


The titlescreen looks great! Interestingly (and unfortunately), there doesn’t appear to be any way to adjust audio preferences in-game. To fullscreen the application, you can hit “F1” and select “Launch in Fullscreen” or “Alt” and “Enter” together. “Controls” will open an external document listing the controls. The in-game visuals are average, but it doesn’t take long for reskinned enemies to show-up. I would have liked to have seen a wider variety of character sprites. You can review whole scenes via the in-game gallery from the “Special Footage Management Office”. The user-interface can be hidden via the “A” key. Using the “Q” key, you can review already-passed dialogue.

The Goods

There are thirty-six sex-scenes based on the main story and “publicity relations”; there are twenty-five sex-scenes based on the protagonist interacting with NPCs while nude. The main focus of the sexual content is public humiliation. Many of the sex-scenes involving the protagonist begrudgingly stripping on public television shows. Another common theme is rape — she is often forcefully groped and penetrated, to the undying pleasure of her male fanbase. Her enemies are subjected to the general public, where they are beaten and gang raped until the last inch of their lives. The artwork is good, but I would have liked to have seen a wider variety of CGs. Each scene is typically based on a single CG, with a few minor variants to show emotion and frothy money shots!

To be honest, I was a little shocked by the content I read — but I’m not complaining!

The vast majority of the scenes focus on the main protagonist — I think there are only four scenes dedicated for the antagonists, and two for her (female) commander. The antagonists were rather attractive — I was very dissapointed by the lack of sex-scenes for them! I loved Eleanore’s pointy teeth and robo-dog (erm, chimera) filled belly! It’s clear that Iris was intended as a cute, loli-like character. In her scene, the premise is pain — her orifices are torn open, and her bones are broken by her attackers. As violent as her scene was, I didn’t see an ounce of blood! However, I’m sure Steam would take offense to graphic, gory content. On a side note, I don’t remember seeing a single fully consensual scene. Again, I’m not complaining, but I think every sex game needs at least one wholesome interaction with the protagonist!


I recommend Public Defense Corp — but I’d wait for a light sale. I found gameplay to be monotonous. About half-way through the game, I found myself mashing “attack” and holding the “skip” button. Boss fights are a pushover, and once I discovered how over-powered special-attacks were I breezed through the game. There are quite a bit of sex-scenes to see, but they weren’t as impactful as other titles I’ve played from Kagura Games. As much as I enjoy rape and humiliation content, I just wasn’t. . . blown away by the content. Public Defense Corp is an interesting title: it’s not often I get to play sci-fi RPGs with giant robots! Though I suggest saving a few dollars, given the adult-content I think this game is worth price. If anything, Public Defense Corp deserves a spot on your wishlist!

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