Seek Girl:Fog Ⅰ (3.5/5★)

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Published March 18th, 2021

Seek Girl:Fog Ⅰ is a lewd puzzle game about rescuing a princess from a mysterious fog.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay (2/5★)

Dodge slimes and rescue ladies! The goal of the game is locate five women, that are sprinkled through a maze of traps and slimes. Every time you move, so does everybody else — which means every step matters! Despite having three “hearts”, if you take a hit you have to restart the game. Kind of pointless, don’t you think DSGame?

Seek Girl:Fog Ⅰ- Patch [DLC]

This DLC dramatically improves gameplay. For starters, there’s quite a bit more women to save, and you actually get functional hit points! There are two major portions of the game, the “overworld” and the “love game”. The “overworld” is populated with slimes and spike-traps, which must be carefully evaded as you collect “gifts” and meet women. Whenever you find a girl, you have the option to hand over a “gift” — but you don’t give her the correct gift, you’re stuck playing the “love game”. In the love game, must collect falling hearts (and weave through the evil black ones!) There are a limited number of pink hearts, so it’s important to act fast. You may have to get a little ballsy if you want to uh. . . get balls’d? There’s a joke in there somewhere.

Story (3/5★)

The world has been shrouded in fog — but this “fog” is no ordinary haze! It renders women slaves to lust, a machination from the “Lord of the demons”. Eric has been enlisted to venture deep into the fog, and find the princess. As he ventures deeper into the abyss, he slowly unravels the events that brought the demon lord into being.

Visuals (4/5★)

The titlescreen is nicely arranged, but it lacks animation and a “settings” menu. You can adjust audio and display preferences in-game via the “Config” menu (which is brought-up with the “Esc” button). You can access the “Archive” from this menu, in which you may view unlocked CGs. The user-interface can’t be hidden.

Seek Girl:Fog Ⅰ- Patch [DLC]

This DLC dramatically changes the titlescreen and gallery. The patched title looks and feels premium (although the menu seemed a little overdone). From “Setting”, you may adjust audio, display and language preferences. Unlocked sex-scenes can be viewed from the “Collection”, or the camera icon from the Setting menu (provided the adult-patch is installed). The user-interface can be completely hidden, and the sex-scenes can be easily navigated. Once you’ve selected a girl, you can easily view your favorite CGs from each scene. Unfortunately, the English isn’t great, but it’s rather entertaining. For example. “the strong stimulation made the girl’s groin tremble like the voice of a sheep.”

Imagine a vaggie trembling (or better yet, bleating) with “the voice of a sheep.” I’m. . . I’m not sure if I can unsee that.

The Goods (4/5★)

There is no nudity or sexual content in the base game. However, there are five static CGs. . . they’re pretty, but they aren’t remotely sexy. These images (and more) can be viewed after patching the game.

Seek Girl:Fog Ⅰ- Patch [DLC]

This DLC adds twenty-two sex-scenes. Each scene is comprised of dialogue, and a single animated base (with up to five animated variations for progression and climax!) The artwork is wonderful — but the English is pretty spotty. If it wasn’t for the half-assed English, the sex-scenes would be amazing! Each scene focuses on a different waifu (so it’s best not to get attached to anyone). Most of scenes are non-consensual (some more violent than others). Technically there’s bestiality, but no animal pee-pees make an appearance. Unfortunately, not everybody is into getting licked by forest critters!

Verdict (3.5/5★)

Well worth the money. . . if you’re solely interested in erotic content. Otherwise, definitely wait for a sale. The gameplay isn’t terrible, but it can be grating (namely the “love” game). Seek Girl:Fog Ⅰ plays like a cheap game (and given the playtime, it’s about as long as one too). The real value in this title is the porn — by golly, the gallery is awesome! With twenty-two animated sex-scenes, there’s plenty of fap-fappin’ to go around. However, the poor English (though somewhat comedic) doesn’t owe to coherent fap-fappin’. Also, the sex-scenes are thematically discordant. One moment you’re screwing a dragon girl, and the next a random pop star. Seek Girl:Fog Ⅰ could be a lot a better, but it’s great game for a “great night” (wink-wink)!

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