Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle

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Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle is a lewd jigsaw puzzle game with no particular theme.


(Adult) Content?
(FxF, FxM) Sexual themes.

Covered genitalia.

Hours of Gameplay?
Three or four hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I was given a free copy of this game from the developers. They sent me this title three weeks before release — with that in mind, you should probably take this review with a grain of salt.


Arrange pieces to assemble an image — just like a jigsaw puzzle. You can choose between forty, one-hundred-sixty, three-hundred-sixty, and one-thousand piece puzzles. Thankfully, there’s a save function (allowing you to pick-up where you left-off with ease!) This save function works for multiple puzzles at the same time, including different iterations of the same puzzle. Whenever you place a piece in the correct position, it locks (preventing you from moving it anywhere else).


There is no story (and I’m not making one up).


The titlescreen isn’t impressive, but the user-interface is serviceable. You can choose your favorite backdrop from “Backgrounds” and review CGs from the “Gallery”. The CGs aren’t in the correct ratio to fill a widescreen, but they almost do! After completing a puzzle, you can pan and zoom into CGs. . . but for some reason, you can’t do that in the Gallery. Audio and soundtrack can be adjusted in-game (though it should be adjustable from the titlescreen as well.)

The Goods

There are thirty-three static CGs to unlock. I saw a number of sexually themed images, but nothing outright saucy. There is a combination of straight and lesbian-themed content with full nudity. Unfortunately, the important parts are covered up. The art-style changes dramatically between images — it’s as if someone swiped the first thirty-three images they saw Deviant Art or Pixiv. I like consistency in my waifus!

What’s that? You think people’s “important parts” aren’t their genitals? LOL.


I recommend this game if you really like jigsaw puzzle games (with assorted waifus). Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle is hits all the checkmarks as a jigsaw-game; with adjustable difficulty and save functionality, there isn’t much to complain about. However, as lewd game, you’re gonna be disappointed. The adult-content is hit-or-miss, and the artwork is grossly inconsistent; if it’s “sexy content” you’re looking for, you’d find the same thing browsing Google Images. If you’re okay with that, Sexy-H Jigsaw Puzzle is everything you need for a hour-after-hour of puzzle entertainment!

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