NejicomiSimulator Vol.5 – Big-boob Goat-chan is hung and fucked while her boobs are bouncing around!! – (Gapping, hard sex) Review (3.5/5★)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

I received a free copy of this software for review purposes — thanks やぶから堂!

They wrote,

This app is unprecedented virtual onahole / faphole like.

You get a sexual toy slave.
Drag your mouse intuitively to wreck this slut with your virtual dick.
Her body will dynamic bounce in sync with your actions.
And, with a freely movable bukkake stick, you can ejaculate infinitely on her face!!

I had a blast wrecking my slut with my virtual dick, but I couldn’t find a “movable bukkake stick” anywhere in the game. I have a feeling やぶから堂 copy and pasted a description for a previous NejicomiSimulator (which do have “bukkake sticks”). What I wouldn’t give to “ejaculate infinitely” on a women I never met before.

Chapter Two: Gameplay (3/5★)

Section One: Overview

When you see a lady suspended in the air and (coincidently, of course) over your pee-pee, what’s your first instinct? Is it, (A) gravb her legs and to give her “support”, (B) to dress (or undress) her up, or (C) stop time and/or transform her into a onahole?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, that’s who NejicomiSimulator Vol.5 is meant for!

Functionally, this title isn’t far off from a Flash game. The core “gameplay” is nothing more than dragging a mouse cursor back and forth — but if NejicomiSimulator Vol.5 was a Flash game, it’d be the highest quality of Flash game. Sometimes, in the moment all you want is an animation you can control with one hand.

Can you guess what the hand is used for?

Section Two: Balance

To unlock new customization options, players must accumulate “Gems”. Some Gems are provided after completing the tutorial, but the vast majority of Gems are collected from “Login Bonuses”. Much like an online, “free to play” game, NejicomiSimulator Vol.5 asks players to log in to the application every day.

What’s next, is customization going to be locked behind “microtransactions”?

A Login Bonus nets at least 10,000 Gems. Customizations cost anywhere between 500 and 10,000 gems, and there’s fifty-seven purchasable upgrades. I couldn’t be bothered to “do that math”, but if I were to take a guess I’d say it’d take five or six days of Login Bonuses to see the completed game.

Fortunately, with “climax bonuses” one can unlock everything two or three days earlier.

To earn even more Gems, players can register a Twitter account and tweet an animation from the game (using the in-built “Record” function). Supposedly, “You will also get additional gems according to your favorite and number of retweets at the next login bonus.” I’m not sure how the game surmises the popularity of your “tweets”, but I must confess it’s a genius method to garner free advertising.

That’s not to say it isn’t scummy, but it’s a smart move on the developer‘s part!

Section Three: Controls

The game is primarily operated using the mouse cursor. Dragging the goat girl up and down doesn’t always work as reliably as I’d like, but I suspect some of that has to do with personal incompetence. The keyboard is used for shortcuts, such as cum (space), toggle gag (G), and toggle clothes (C). The number keys correspond to up to five “presets”, allowing players to save and load premade “Settings” configurations.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any keys for thrusting. I imagine anyone without a mouse (say, a trackpad or a touchscreen) is going to have a bad time manipulating the game.

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (5/5★)

Section One: Content

NejicomiSimulator Vol.5 is essentially one, highly customizable animation. Notable customization options include the ability to transform the girl into a onahole and stopping time.

Section Two: Implementation

Like previous NejicomiSimulator entries, Gems can be earned via climaxes. Gems are used to unlock customization, such as breast size and skin color.

In the following video, I showcase the “Onahole” toggle.

Section Three: Interactivity

The animation is controlled via the mouse and keyboard. Various parts can be “dragged” using the cursor, including the goat girl’s head, breasts and her clitoris. To automate gameplay, the “Record” functionality can be use to save, layer and playback cursor movements.

Section Four: Quality

I had to really scrutinize the artwork to find errors; barring a few rough lines and over-zealous visual effects, the artwork and animation are spectacular. I love all of the small details that really sell the scene, such as visible breaths and toggleable “Onomatopoeia”. I am confident calling the content in this game “top notch”.

In the following video, I have some fun.

Chapter Four: Story (1/5★)

Section One: Overview

What background do you need before fucking a “big-breasted goat girl . . . suspended in midair for hard sex”?

Section Two: Plot

There is no “plot” in this game.

Section Three: Characters

 I couldn’t find any information about the “big-breasted goat girl” or the faceless man. 

Section Three: Writing

Writing is shown on-screen as the goat girl screams, but I can’t read Japanese.

Chapter Five: Sound (4/5★)

Section One: Soundtrack

Interestingly, music is toggled off by default. Hidden amongst the “Setting” menu is an option to choose between five different backing tracks (or “BGMs”); the first two BGMs are lovely piano solos typical for casual, lewd games; the third and fourth BGMs sound like pieces from an sci-fi RPG; and the final BGM is a kick ass metal piece suitable for a boss fight.

I have a feeling やぶから堂 simply downloaded some stock music and called it day.

Section Two: Sound Effects

Everything about this game is wonderfully lewd to the ears. Everything from the squishes to the squelches could hold their own as part of an “ASMR” experience!

Section Two: Voice Acting

Rinon Hase, knocks “big-breasted goat girl” out of the park. She doesn’t say much (in fact, I don’t think she says anything at all), but the way she gasps and moans is really something. The recordings are free of audio defects and background noise.

In the following clip, I toy around with my goat girl with a BGM enabled.

Chapter Six: Visuals (4/5★)

Section One: Title Screen

There is no title-screen. Once the application is booted, it’s right back where you left off!

Section Two: User Configuration

The “Setting” menu not only controls all character customization, it is also used to manage audio, display and language preferences. From the “Effect” menu, numerous adjustments can made regarding the background and lighting. In fact, custom backgrounds can even be added into the game (although I don’t imagine there’s any support for custom “Diffusion”, “Lighting” or “Camera Effects”).

Below I show the “Setting” menu.

Section Two: Navigation

Menus in this game are designed not to obstruct the view. I appreciate the sentiment, but the developers really fucked up navigation. Because the menus are so thin, it takes a lot of scroll bar to navigate them.

Perhaps, a dedicated “appearance” and “camera” menus?

Despite being designed around the action, the menus can’t be used around the action. They collapse if you click off them — the hell? Though arguably a feature, it’s frustrating reopening the “Setting” menu again and again while tweaking customization.

Section Two: Graphics

NejicomiSimulator Vol.5 looks great, like a top-end Live2D scene. I would expect nothing less from what’s essentially a one sex-scene — if you’re going to be selling just one animation, it better be next to perfect.

In the following image, I show the “Effect” menu. As you can see, it doesn’t cover too much imagery.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (3.5/5★)

Historically, NejicomiSimulator games are quite expensive; but as long as money isn’t an object, they are wonderful, interactive animations and Vol.5 is no exception! Compared to previous entries in the series, this game feels more polished with a nicely made background (as opposed to flat colors). For a cost of a pizza (or five), NejicomiSimulator Vol.5 will deliver a very nice “handy J”.

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