The Shadow of Yidhra (3/5★)

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The Shadow of Yidhra is a lewd action sidescroller about Delta’s escape from horny zombies and her quest against their creators.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxF, FxM) Sexual content.

Mosaic’d genitalia.

Hours of Gameplay?
Two or three hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Yandex.

Gameplay (3/5★)

Go right and shoot everything that moves! Enemies drop “Cores” when they are defeated, which are used to purchase bullets and upgrades (or “accessories”). Ammunition is limited, so it’s a good idea to aim for the head and use the knife for lessor threats. Well, at least for the first fifteen-twenty minutes — after that, you can pretty forget melee exists. Even if you somehow manage to run out of ammo (and Cores), you’re able to force enemies to respawn by returning to previous areas. There are a variety of enemies, each with predictable movement and attacks. Some enemies move quickly, forcing you to carefully time evasive maneuvers (which consume limited “Stamina”). Enemies are deadliest in crowds — don’t get surrounded!

Story (2/5★)

Delta awakes in the midst of catastrophe; a virus has wreaked havoc on the world, rendering nearly everybody as mindless, sex-crazed zombies! Stuck inside a laboratory complex, she battles her way through hundreds of former staff. Along the way she meets Rei, a young girl seemingly unaffected by the virus. Delta takes her under a wing, escorting her through the chaos. As they uncover the secrets behind the zombies’ origins, little do they realize everything is according to plan.

Visuals (4/5★)

The titlescreen looks great! It features an animated, scantily-clad protagonist acting badass (with a panty shot for good measure!) From “Settings”, you may adjust audio, control, display, and language preferences. Unfortunately, the English translation is pretty poor (but you should be able to grasp the story and characters). Provided the adult patch is installed, from the “Gallery”, you may review unlocked CGs (but once you beat the game, the full gallery is unlocked). Unfortunately, the user-interface can’t be hidden when viewing CGs. You’re unable to scale or zoom into animations that are used in-game (which are somewhat difficult to see compared the full-art CGs used for “game overs”).

The ‘Goods’ (4/5★)

There are references to sexual content, referring to content that was cut from this game.

Adult Patch (RJ31293) [ZIP]

This patch adds quite a bit of adult content! There are seventeen animated sex-scenes with dialogue and variations for climax. These scenes are played whenever you lose the game (depending on what killed you). Alternively, you may play only the animation (allowing you to progress and climax by rapidly mashing the mouse button). As you take damage in-game, the protagonist’s clothes are torn away. Sometimes, she is knocked over, allowing nearby foes to rape her. There are a total of twenty-five animations that are used in-game. Thankfully, you don’t damage as they play. In the event you’re forced down (and force fucked), you’re free to enjoy the show until you mash the appropriate keys to escape. None of the sexual content is consensual: the main protagonist is raped by a wide variety of creatures, including bugs, dogs, zombies and tentacles.

How to install the Adult Patch

Make a copy of The Shadow of Yidhra‘s files — the adult patch will replace most, if not all of your files (so back them up!) Be advised: installing this patch will destroy pre-existing save data. Download “” (from Yandex) and unzip its contents into The Shadow of Yidhra‘s installation folder (and when prompted, overwrite preexisting files). I hate downloading patches from strange Russian sites, but Windows Defender says it’s okay. . . so I guess it’s fine?

Verdict (3/5★)

What a great big disappointment. This game represents a fraction of content that is available on the DlSite release. In other words, The Shadow of Yidhra on Steam is heavily censored (as if mosaics isn’t censorship enough. . .) WhitePeach doesn’t offer Steam users an adult patch or DLC. Thankfully, somebody published a guide on Steam detailing a way to play the full game I thought I paid for. But that’s not all! This game is broken. I was planning on reviewing this title as a “non-adult” game, but I couldn’t even beat the game. I had to go online to find a tutorial on how to evade a game breaking bug. Not only has WhitePeach screwed Steam users out of sweet, sweet boobies, they’ve also screwed them out of a functional game. When this game is patched (and working correctly), it’s an alright game. It’s repetitive and grossly unbalanced, but it’s kind of fun shooting stuff. It’s too bad the only time you get to see the adult content when you lose — and saves are so few and far between you don’t ever want to lose. Until WhitePeach fixes the damn game and coughs up a patch, they’re on my shit list.

Wombat Woe — Chitsuru Softlock (Unpatched) [April 17th 2021]

When battling Chitsuru, a pair of walls rise from the floor, intending to force the player to battle her within an enclosed space. You may refight her exiting and reentering her room (from the Lab Exit area). The walls are triggered when you enter a certain spot in the room, and they are removed when she is defeated. If she is defeated before triggering the walls, it’s possible to soft-lock the game simply by reentering the arena. The walls will rise like normal, but it’s impossible to remove or evade them.

Wombat Woe — Go back to the room [April 17th 2021]

After defeating Keguya, you’re granted access to “the town ahead”. Delta meets with her and Haruto inside a room with two vendors. After speaking with them, you’re supposed to leave and reunite with Haruto nearby. However, it’s impossible to reach him due to an invisible barrier. At this point, the game is soft-locked. There is a very specific way to avoid this bug (allowing you to complete the game). kokoro1000 from F95Zone says:

To avoid this bug do the following:

1. Talk to Leader guy and Samurai-maid chick in room.
2. Change language to japanese.
3. Leave the room.
4. Talk to Rei and children on the right.
5. Change language back to english.

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