Violation baseball – Tokyo Teranodon vs Kyoto Scartina Girls

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Violation Baseball is a lewd swing at a ball simulator. Baseball is the theme, but even I know the only thing “baseball” about the game is the bat and ball themselves.


(Adult) Content?
Female-on-male sexual content.

Yes. Super mosaic’d genitalia.

Hours of Game-play?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


. . . in a nutshell

Spam “Z” key and win.

out the shell. . .

You swing at a ball, and depending on where it lands (off-screen), a different sex scene plays. It’s gameplay at the minimum.


In 2022, baseball is all the rage — the sport has seen a resurgence from all across the glove. All-female baseball teams have entranced the world, and nobody wants to see men play baseball anymore. The Tokyo Teranodons wanted to change that. They challenged the Kyoto Scartina Girls, and they expected an easy win.

. . . except the Scartina Girls annihilated them in the first match alone.

Realizing that a loss was eminent, the men decided to take. . . drastic measures. With their hands on the ready, they intend on grabbing, groping and diddling the opposition, sexually harassing their way to victory.

Definitely illegal, but definitely entertaining.


Oh boy, I’m in for a treat aren’t I? For starters, the application does not fill my screen — the window appears to be displayed in a 4:3 ratio. The titlescreen is a bit of an eyeful, but it’s far from plain. There’s no-game options to adjust, although there is a toolbar at the top of the menu. Problem being, it’s not in English. The “Gallery” is what is sounds like — there, you can check at any CG at any time (without encountering them in-game). CGs must be viewed with their respective scenes, but the user-interface can be hidden.

The Goods

High quality hentai with dreadful mosaics. I understand that the art is required to be censored, but there’s less intrusive ways to do so. There’s a handful of scenes to see, each with a couple (static) CGs. The scenes lack visual variety, told mostly through text.

. . . expect male-on-female sexual intercourse.


I don’t recommend this game, even if you don’t mind mosaics. The gameplay is bare-basic, and the art, though quality, is not up to par with similarly (or cheaper) priced titles.

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