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Yogurt! is a lewd clicker game.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Mash “mouse” key to unlock lewds! Each click nets one or more “HP” (or what I presume to be “horny points”), which are used to unlock a series of lewd images. Eventually, you are able to purchase items from the “Shop” to automatically collect HP, allowing you to run the application in the background as you do. . . whatever. I wrote this review, I suggest you fappy-fappy.

The gameplay isn’t terribly balanced.

As soon as I reached HP automation, there was practically no reason pay attention to the game (other than to further-upgrade my HP automation). The cost to upgrade items in the shop was a bit silly; for some reason, it’s significantly cheaper to purchase the next “tier” of automation than to upgrade (following the first purchase). Most clicker games I have played encourage users to upgrade their automation multiple times before purchasing superior items, thereby extending playtime.

Considering I don’t like clicker-games, I don’t think I’m going to complain though.


There is no story (and I’m not making one up.)


The titlescreen is super stylish, and I enjoyed the animated waifu. The user-interface is clean and the visual effects are entertaining. From “Settings”, you may adjust audio and language preferences. There doesn’t appear to be a way to window the application — it’s fullscreened by default. You can review CGs from the “Gallery”. However, the user-interface cannot be hidden, and the CGs cannot be fullscreened. Even if they could be, they are rendered in a portrait-style aspect-ratio (which means no borderless lewdies.) Developers, can we. . . not?

The Goods

There are tons and tons of animated, lewd CGs to see. As you play Yogurt, the only thing you’ll see are these lewd CGs — by collecting “HP”, they progress naturally until delicious climax. Until reaching the last few CGs, they progress fast enough to prevent them from becoming stale. There are a mix of fantasy and modern characters, and each scene shows a man and a woman getting it on. Overall, the animation and artwork are pretty good!

I would have liked to have seen a less diverse cast.

If there’s a girl that you like (and want to see more), you’re out of luck — there’s only a few CGs for her. I prefer lewd games that focus on a just a few characters, fleshing out one or more sexual encounters with one or more protagonists. In that case, it’s easier to get attached to the cast, and people like fapping to faces they can recognize.

Or maybe that’s just me. Someone back me up here eh?


I do recommend this game, but I would wait for a light sale. If you enjoy clicker games and hentai, Yogurt! is a match for you. There’s tons of CGs to see, and they’re all animated. However, they cannot be fullscreened, and the gallery which they can be viewed from is poor. There is very little gameplay, and beating the game doesn’t take long.

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