Ask a Wombat! 065

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Knack asks. . .

What’s the stupidest game you’ve reviewed and what’s the stupidest game you’ve played?

DatWombat says. . .

That’s. . . I’m not sure! I’m guessing by “stupid”, you mean “ridiculous” and not “frustrating”. When I think about the “stupidist game” that I’ve reviewed, I think of Jerking Off In Class Simulator. In this game, you must carefully jerk-off in class without getting caught. You have to carefully time every fap and take care not to make too much noise — it’s so dumb! If I were to consider the “stupidist game” I’ve played (but haven’t necessarily reviewed), Borderlands 2 comes to mind. The Borderlands series offers a colorful cast of over-the-top characters the dumbest quests I’ve ever participated in. The first stupidness that comes to mind are Brick’s moments in Tiny Tina’s DLC. I won’t spoil any of them, but I just laughed out loud.

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