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Ask a Wombat! 049

Winston asks. . . Have you ever thought about reviewing really old lewd games like the Leisure Suit Larry games? I can understand if you don’t want to, from what I understand there’s barely any sexual content there.

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Ask a Wombat! 048

Andrew asks. . . What’s the worst or funniest interaction you’ve had with someone since you started Wombat Trap? (I hope you’ve overall had a positive experience with ppl since you started curating.)

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Ask a Wombat! 047

Winston asks. . . Do you think you would review AAA games with sex scenes/lewd elements? Like the Mass Effect series and Cyberpunk?

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Ask a Wombat! 045

Knack asks. . . Would you consider reviewing lewd mods for non lewd games like the infamous H-Doom mod? Lol

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Ask a Wombat! 044

QQ_32 asks. . . Your looking for reviewers? I am a very experienced reviewer and would love to join you in producing top quality content for others. I could assist with multiplayer games and cover games you don’t have time for, what

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