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Ask a Wombat! 068

Ryo asks. . . Do you open to play and/or reviewing fan-translated eroge(japanese lewd games)? Those are basically pirated content thought. And what do you think about untranslated free eroge?

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Ask a Wombat! 065

Knack asks. . . What’s the stupidest game you’ve reviewed and what’s the stupidest game you’ve played?

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Ask a Wombat! 063

Winston asks. . . Do you think you’d ever make a lewd game? If so, what would it be about and what would the gameplay be like?

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Ask a Wombat! 062

Andrew asks. . . I used to be very into creative writing but I had issues with being a perfectionist and because of that and other factors, I haven;t done it in a very long time. Do you have any tips on

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Ask a Wombat! 061

Winston asks. . . Do you have any halloween traditions? Also are you gonna dress up as something cute? 😉

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