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Ask a Wombat! 018

Da5id asks. . . I really appreciate your reviews. They are the best sexy game reviews I’ve read. Thank you for making them!

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Ask a Wombat! 016

Andrew asks. . . Would you ever consider reviewing an adult horror game like Agony or the Lust From series? I played the demo for Lust From Beyond and it was pretty good. Although I understand if that’s something you feel doesn’t

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Ask a Wombat! 015

Knack asks. . . Have you ever played those old lewd flash games like on Newgrounds or other websites? If so what did you think of them? Any that stick out?

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Ask a Wombat! 014

Knack asks. . . What do you like to do in your free time besides reviewing games, gaming, and fapping? Lol.

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Ask a Wombat! 013

Knack asks. . . Have you thought about reviewing the game OnlyCans? I know its a joke game but it seems like something you’d review lol.

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Ask a Wombat! 012

Andrew asks. . . I hate being a downer, however, I’d like to ask a more serious question. Considering that this year and last year have been bad for a lot of people, I was wondering how have you been cooping with

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Ask a Wombat! 011

Leon asks. . . I heard you were working on moving your stuff from Patreon to this website. Are you still working on that or did you finish that?

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Ask a Wombat! 010

Tim asks. . . What game is the header image on your home page from? I hope it’s not just art. Looks hot!

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Ask a Wombat! 009

Sage the old mage asks. . . So am new to the lewd scene when it comes to games, got any Gems to recommend? Also so you a trap -_- but you haven’t caught anyone yet …so are you an effective trap?

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