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Ask a Wombat! 031

The Grim Lord asks. . . Okay, let me completely honest with you. I started reviewing music back in 2014. There wasn’t much money in it, but I worked with dozens of bands and labels around the world. Politics got into the

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Ask a Wombat! 030

David749 asks. . . So, my friend linked me your site. I must say, I had my doubts l, but I am actually impressed. What do your charge for reviews? I assume it’s not free to get your game listed on here.

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Ask a Wombat! 024

Andrew  asks. . . Have you watched the Bo Burnham special “Inside”, if not I would highly recommend it. I’m curious what your thoughts on it would be; although, I would recommend against watching it when you’re in a bad mood.

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Ask a Wombat! 022

Glass goal asks. . . Would you consider reviewing or updating your review for Lewdpocalypse when the DLC comes out? Or a more general question is do you go back or have considered going back to update old reviews when there’s more

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