Top Platformers with Rape

Table of Contents

Castle in The Clouds DX

I highly recommend Castle in The Clouds DX to platformer newbies. For the most part, Castle in The Clouds DX is well balanced game with manageable boss fights. The progression system provides a safety for difficult levels, allowing players to stack damage or hit points to ease gameplay. This game is ripe with secrets, rewarding exploration with unlockable lewds. Castle in The Clouds DX isn’t geared towards sexual content, but the fan service is incredible.

R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan

R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan drops the ball as an erotic game, but the gameplay is alright. Unfortunately, rape animations are a quick way to lose “lives” and be forced to repeat stages from the beginning. As long as you’re willing to fap from the “Gallery”, I recommend R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan as a quick play for experienced players. This game offers little room for error.

Iron Disco

Iron Disco is an aesthetically fun platformer/shooter with big Contra vibes. When I played this game, I was frustrated by the overall unrefined gameplay, but it’s definitely worth a try if you like blowing shit up and watching rape animations! Iron Disco is a good pick if you’re interested a chill action game that won’t punish you for sloppy gameplay.

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