Top Platformers with Rape

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Castle in The Clouds DX

What a great game! Castle in The Clouds DX is a quick “Metroidvania” with a buxom heroine to keep you distracted. It features similar gameplay and boss fights to Libra Heart‘s Midnight Castle Succubus DX, but it’s more straightforward and quite a bit shorter.

DatWombat, review for Castle in The Clouds DX

Roguelite 2

Roguelite 2 is a dungeon crawler with RPG-eske character progression.

ЯR World (2.5/5★)

ЯR World is a lewd collection of animations about RuRu’s sexual interactions with her “fans”!

Love Puzzle

Love Puzzle is a lewd puzzle game.

Perfect Affection Plan: Cassiopeia (2.5/5★)

Perfect Affection Plan: Cassiopeia is a lewd clicker game about Kaede, “an adult woman who roleplays as a schoolgirl and then consensually engage in oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse.”