R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan (3.5/5★)

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R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan is a lewd sidescroller beat-’em-up about Youki’s crusade against a prophesized invasion of demons!

Adult Content?
(F, FxF) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Three or four hours.

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay: overview (3/5★)

Kill anything that moves and try not to get raped — you will be raped, just try not to be death raped! R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan is a basic side-scroller platformer/beat-’em-up. You move from left to right and kill anything in-between. New enemies are regularly introduced, but gameplay remains somewhat monotonous. A few levels do offer new gameplay; a few offer a rideable aircraft and others stealth mechanics. The former was boring and the latter tedious. About half-way through the game, I lost interest in the core gameplay and pushed-on for the sake of this review. There are a handful of obtainable weapons, but you may only hold one at a time (and only a few of them are worth picking up). Other than select boss fights, there’s no good reason to take anything but the starting weapon! Speaking of boss fights, they were one of the most interesting parts of the game (but also the most frustrating!) Each boss is mechanically unique, encouraging you to learn their move sets and react accordingly. All enemies (and especially bosses) have grapple-attacks. These attacks can deal immense damage, so it’s important to learn how everybody grapples (and how to evade ’em!)

Sexual Content: overview (4/5★)

There are “40 types of erotic pixel animations including threesomes” and “8 types of vore”. Each animation is accessible via the “Gallery” (regardless of whether or not you’ve encountered them in-game). With that in mind, the “Gallery” is kind of full of spoilers — I’d avoid clicking it until you beat the game. Unfortunately, many animations (particularly vore content) are viewable only as blurry movies (as opposed to being rendered in-game). Also, the user-interface can’t be hidden (which sucks pretty hard). You may zoom-into and advance animations, but you have no control over the UI or backdrop. Whenever an enemy grapples Youki, they’ll generally rape her — if anybody else happens to be passing by, they’ll join! Larger foes may instead crush or swallow Youki whole! As she is raped, her “orgasm” meter rises. If it caps, she’ll die and lose a life. As awesome as the lewd animations are, they’re strictly relegated as punishments; the only time you may view them worry free is from the main-menu. It’s too bad, because the animations are wonderful! The audio is spotty and the visual effects are annoying, but the artwork is amazing! R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan offers gobs of lesbian monster-girl rape (or in some cases, futa monster-girl rape!) There’s lots of vore (as advertised) and a little bit of tentacle action. I wish sex didn’t kill Youki, because I would have loved to have seen all of the “erotic pixel animations” in action!

Story: overview (3/5★)

Every century, a “demonic castle appears, bringing suffering”. Legions of demons have descended upon the world, slaves to the demon queen! Mankind has launched a desperate counter-attack, but their efforts are for naught. Only Youki has “what it takes to save this world from them” — but she’s a demon a too. Regarded as a “god” by her people, Youki is a devout believer of “Shinto”, the belief that “god resides in all things and nature”. She believes that “nature and things” deserve to be treated with “love and respect” (even if mankind isn’t keen to treating her kind with “love and respect”). It’s up to Youki to battle through Dran-sama’s demon horde, and ultimately face off the demon queen herself! But she’s gonna need some help; she’s not the only demon that fights for for humans, and humans aren’t totally helpless! To slay the demon queen, she and mankind will have to put their differences aside and kick her ass!

Sound: overview (4/5★)

I have mixed feelings about the audio. I found the sound effects to be cheesy and somewhat out of place. Sex-scenes were pretty hit or miss; the squishing effects were hot, but the moans were plagued by audio errors. By far, R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan‘s strongest selling point (in terms of audio) is its soundtrack — it’s actually kinda rockin’! If you’re a fan of retro-style soundtracks, you may get a kick out of this music. It’s full of fast-paced synth and electric guitars with vocal-heavy boss tracks (but no lyrics). The full album reminds me of Castlevania and Megaman music, but my knowledge of “retro” games is rather limited. While the music ain’t half-bad, it didn’t blow me away. I don’t think I’ll be adding any tracks from R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan to any of my playlists.

Visuals: overview (3/5★)

The titlescreen looks great! Not only is it visually interesting, it’s also interactive. As you navigate the menu, Youki will respond as though you were playing the game. Whatever weapon she picks up is what she’ll begin a stage with (provided you’re not continuing from a precious save). You can easily window or borderless-fullscreen the application using the “Esc” key. A toolbar can be brought-up by pressing the “F1” key (which appears as a set of drop-down from the top of the window). From this menu, you may adjust audio, gameplay, graphical and language preferences. You may also fully remap your keys — for keyboard users, this is a godsend! Difficulty setting and gameplay preferences can be adjusted from the main-menu (via “Options”). There’s an in-game pause menu, but there’s no easy way to exit the game without committing suicide (the only functionality the pause menu offers) or closing the application.

Overall, R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan features delightful artwork. Original sprites and artwork set this title apart from other lewd action-sidescrollers. Unfortunately, these sprites are grossly abused through scaling and lazy animation. When visual effects are applied to sprites, it sticks out like a sore thumb; pixel art don’t look right when it is stretched and squished. I found blood and cum effects to be distracting — I wish they were toggleable. Many props and enemies are scaled-up and down, creating disproportionate pixels. To make sprites look bigger, it’s necessary to add pixels in order to add detail (and match its “resolution” with neighboring sprites). When sprites are freely scaled (like in this game), it looks awful. Oftentimes, I couldn’t help but marvel at how many clashing assets were on-screen at any given moment. It’s really disappointing, because a lot of the sprites are amazing — they’re just not put together very well.

Verdict: wait for a sale (3.5/5★)

R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan is grossly overpriced. For twenty-five dollars, you’re paying for three or four hours of okay side-scroller action. For twenty-five dollars, I expect a polished game with hours of content. What I got was a mediocre “R18+” beat-’em-up that’s too overall flawed to justify the price tag. This game punishes you for viewing adult content — that’s a huge fail for any “R18+” game. The lewd animations are a delight, but if you’re playing the game as intended you’ll never see them! When you’re only allowed to view adult content from a “gallery”, there’s almost no point in having it. It was annoying to be grappled (knowing that if I didn’t quickly break free, I’d lose a life and potentially have to restart). The story is generic, poorly paced and poorly explained. Unless you’re someone that’s interested in times or high-scores, there’s virtually no replay value to this game. R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan is an impressive game that’s definitely above-average, but for twenty-five dollars? If you can grab this title for half-off, I think you’re gonna have a good night (as long as you don’t get stuck on any bosses!) Despite its flaws, this game is totally worth a playthrough.

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