Top Rogue-likes with Rape

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Since I’ve last played this game, it has received quite a bit of updates — so take my review with a grain of salt. Elewder is an interesting rogue-like with sort of bullet hell combat. There weren’t many spells to choose from between playthroughs, but hopefully by now every playthrough is different. Win or lose, at the end of every battle is a rape animation — but to be on the receiving end unfortunately means restarting your adventure from the beginning.

Escape Dungeon

I forgot I played this game — Escape Dungeon is awesome! Featuring fun visuals and rogue-like gameplay, Escape Dungeon is at the top of my recommendations for rogue-likes with rape. However, the animations in this game are kind of hardcore — certainly not for the meek minded. But I don’t imagine anyone looking for rape games is meek minded.

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