Top Shoot-’em-ups with Rape

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Elite Fighter

I didn’t have any fun playing this game. Elite Fighter is a very mediocre shoot-’em-up. There are six enemies (total) throughout the game, and they all play the same. It reminds me of a game called HS Galaxy. Both games offer samey gameplay with boring bosses that take too long to kill. Fortunately Elite Fighter is significantly better, but that’s not saying much — as I write this review, I consider HS Galaxy to be one of worst shoot-’em-ups I’ve played (certainly the worst since the start of 2021!)

DatWombat, review for Elite Fighter

Forest Guardian

Forest Guardian is a lewd visual novel about a merchant’s encounter with a misunderstood forest spirit.


Aster is a lewd shoot ’em up about a mercenary’s battle ‘gainst lusty aliens.

Tentacle Manor

Tentacle Manor is a lewd platformer about a lady’s escape from a mysterious mansion, full o’ lusty beasties.