Bowsette (1.5/5★)

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Bowsette is a lewd beat-’em-up with Bowsette as the main character because uh. . . she’s hot I guess?


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No genitalia.

Hours of Gameplay?
Fifteen minutes.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


I received a free, early access copy of this game for review purposes — thanks Synovia Game!

Gameplay (1/5★)

Beat-up baddies (or uh, get raped!) The goal of each level is to kill five enemies. Attacking enemies consists of stun-locking them by mashing the mouse button. The only time you’re ever in danger is if there are more than one enemy, and you’re surrounded. Thankfully, enemies have a tendency to get stuck on each other (they aren’t too bright).

Wombat Complains About “Gameplay”

Bowsette moves way, way too fast. If she so much as looks at an incline, she’ll rocket off! It’s easy to go out-of-bounds and softlock the game. Fighting is super boring; you just hold the attack button and wait for things to die. Nobody has ranged attacks or fancy magic spells. Once enemies spawn, they run directly to you (oftentimes getting stuck on each other). There’s only one level to see, and due to enemy behavior you may as well stand in place.

Story (1/5★)

There is no story (and I’m not making one up!) Considering this is a game centered on Bowsette, a gender-swapped Bowser I’d expect to have some form of story. I understand Nintendo’s property is copyrighted, but it’s not that hard to write a parody.

Visuals (2/5★)

The titlescreen offers a clashing combination of visuals, and the premade animations don’t suggest “quality”. Audio and display preferences can be adjusted from “Option”. Alternatively, Display and graphical settings can be adjusted from the Unity preboot menu. The game looks okay, but it looks and feels like memeware. There is no gallery, and the user-interface can’t be hidden while viewing sex-scenes. Due to lack of camera control, it’s difficult to view sex-scenes.

Wombat Complains About “Visuals”

The first level offers a gauge for your hit points, but it kind of “falls off” the screen in the second and third level.

The ‘Goods’ (2/5★)

In Bowsette‘s current state, there are three sexual animations. Whenever you’re defeated, a sexual animation will play between Bowsette and whatever killed her. There’s bunnies, goblins and tentacle monsters — I like to see variety in my porn! As interesting as the sexy-time is, it doesn’t offer any progression, variations or interactivity. There’s also a clothes breaking mechanic, where damage causes Bowsette to lose her clothes. . . but it only seemed to work sometimes.

Verdict (1.5/5★)

Wait for updates? I was sent a copy of this game two weeks before planned “early access”, so it’s not fair to tear into it (yet). However, Bowsette has a long way to go before it’ll worth a buy. At first, I didn’t think Bowsette was a serious game — I thought Synovia Game was a misguided developer sending me memeware (I don’t like memeware). After seeing the sexual content this game has to offer, I think it’s a grossly unrefined, honest effort. Maybe by the time Bowsette releases, it’ll be a worthwhile buy. I sincerely hope the lack of genitalia will be rectified before release. If I was Bowser Bowsette and I didn’t have my cloaca vaggie, I’d be pissed — not that I could piss anyway!

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