Lustlock Labyrinth Review (1.5/5★)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Lustlock Labyrinth is a lewd RPG available on Steam. I have no idea how long it would take the average player to finish this game because I modded my save file. I don’t mean to spoil my final opinion, but I hate this game — I am unwilling to play this game “as intended” without financial compensation from the developers.

Playtesting falls outside of the services I offer for games I paid for.

Chapter Two: Gameplay (1/5★)

Section One: Overview

Marisa is looking for her companion Iris in a maze like dungeon filled with rapey men and monster girls. The dungeon is separated into multiple levels, each of which guarded by a powerful boss. If she wants to recover her beloved Iris, she’ll have to maintain her “Lust” — lest she willingly succumb to the power of Lustlock Labyrinth.

Section Two: Combat

As Marisa explores the dungeon, she’s bound to trigger random encounters with its inhabitants. Combat is essentially spamming the “Attack” button.

If you’re feeling risky, you can take your chances with “Lewd Punishment” to deal increased damaged — if your opponents happens to use a “lewd attack” on their next turn.

Section Three: Controls

I hate how strafing is limited to one tile per key press. There’s a portion of the game where Marisa is affected by a “gas” which increases her lust when she moves — which for some reason, includes turning. This level forces Marisa to strafe through the dungeon to beat the timer. My fingers were sore after mashing “A” and “D” a few hundred times.

Otherwise, the controls are acceptable (but it’d be nice if key bindings were configurable).

Section Three: Balance

I don’t understand how players are expected to progress. Grinding random encounters only provides marginal “XP” for leveling up. “Potions” and “Scrolls” for recovering hit points are rare commodities; I didn’t know foes could even drop them until reaching the end of the game!

Although leveling up restores Marisa’s hit points, it’s a tall order to win five battles between restocks. Making matters worse, as she gains levels the amount of XP required is increased. Grinding for items and level-ups is a losing battle.

Whenever an enemy sexually assaults Marissa, she gains “Lust”. In all levels with enemies, “Lust” is effectively permanent. This is a big problem because when her Lust is capped, it’s game over. The mechanic creates situations where the only way to progress is to literally start a new save file.

I edited my save files to reset Marissa’s “Lust” before boss battles just so I could progress.

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (2/5★)

Section One: Content

I’m unsure how many sex-scenes are in the game, but I saw five different scenes during my playthrough. Each sex-scenes features a few static images with variations and dialogue.

When Marissa is defeated, she is tied, hypnotized and humiliated by her opponents.

Section Two: Implementation

When Marisa is defeated in battle, a sex-scene is played. Typically, sex-scenes are tied to “game overs”, but there are a few sex-scenes which allow continued gameplay when they elapse.

If Marisa has any clothes, enemies will tear them to expose her to “lewd attacks”. Lewd attacks increase “Lust”; when her Lust is maxed out, the sex-scene that follows is typically “game over”.

Section Three: Interactivity

Sex-scenes are linear, with skippable dialogue and images.

Section Four: Quality

The artwork is alright, but dialogue is overall lacking. I enjoyed the themes of humiliated covered by this game, but the sex-scenes are over as soon as they start.

Chapter Four: Story (1/5★)

Section One: Plot

Marisa is on a mission rescue Iris, who went missing trying “to rescue the missing girls”. Her mission takes her inside a mysterious dungeon with “rules” she must play by as a “challenger”.

The most important rules read, “If the Challenger is defeated in a boss room, their name is forfeit and a new name is to be selected”, and “Those that have lost their true name can never leave their current floor, and must live up to their new name to the best of their ability.”

The stakes are high for Marisa. . . but there is no “defeat” in the game I would mind experiencing if I were in her shoes!

Section One: Characters

I think Azurezero tried to write a mix of erotic and comedic dialogue for Marisa and her adversaries, but it reads like a child’s erotic fanfiction (a bad erotic fanfiction).

At no point does the game explain the importance of Iris to the main protagonist; are they “besties”? Sisters? With no backstory and only the bare minimum for character motivations, it’s hard to connect with anybody in the game.

Chapter Five: Sound (1/5★)

Section One: Soundtrack

There are just a few fantasy-flavored tracks for exploration and combat. They’re decent picks, but they go stale over time. I had a hard time keeping my headset over my ears because I was so sick of hearing them loop.

Section Two: Sound Effects

Sound effects are minimal; when they play, they’re unsatisfying to hear.

Section Three: Voice Acting

There is no voice acting in this game. I was surprised not to hear moaning during sex.

Chapter Six: Visuals (2/5★)

Section One: User-interface

There’s no “options” menu. Basic quality of life is missing from this application, such as adjusting audio or display preferences. I just wanted to borderless full-screen the application.

Frustratingly, sex-scenes cannot skipped. Winning battles in Lustlock Labyrinth is primarily left to chance, forcing players to replay sex-scenes on repeat. I learned that it’s faster to close the application and reload a previous save than to retry a battle.

Section Two: Graphics

The explorable world is disinteresting, with clunky environmental design and unremarkable textures. I love how character sprites vary in style, size and quality — I like to think Azurezero intends for players to take this game seriously, but the artwork begs to differ.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (1.5/5★)

I hate this Lustlock Labyrinth. But at least the first boss fight no longer crashes the application!

I would have been happier if I didn’t replay this game. I had to modify my save files to progress — the only way I could see anyone “legitimately” moving past the first floor is by save-scumming every. . . single. . . fucking. . . movement. The gameplay is too boring and too punishing, the balance is shit, and the sexual content isn’t worth your time even if it was free.

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