Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy

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Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy is lewd action-RPG about a Mira, a budding alchemist girl that accidently grows a pee-pee!


(Adult) Content?
(FxF, FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Six or more hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from website.


Collect ingredients, smash “attack” and don’t get smashed. Combat is fought in real-time, and should an enemy contact the protagonist, they will mount her and screw the HP right out of her! There are ingredients everywhere, which can be used to “synthesize” a variety of useful items for your quests. Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy is a very story-driven game, so expect to do a lot of reading and going from point “A” to “B”.


Mira Aries is a student-witch with a simple dream, to become a praiseworthy alchemist. She is a mixing a potion β€” yet another failure. Her teacher, Ezmeralda encourages her to try again with a clear mind, and she complies; this time, without an essential ingredient, the Alchemic Potion. Mira blunders by adding the wrong ingredient. She is approached by Roche Yungfrau, who informs her of her error a moment too late. Luckily for the two students, the ensuing detonation left no-one unharmed.

As Roche picks Mira up, she remarks that it feels like something strange has appeared in her panties.

And so begins Mira’s story, from naΓ―ve girl to naΓ―ve trap. When she realizes that her lady lips have been replaced with a wiener, she excuses herself and dashes home. She fails to evade her baby sister, Lia Aries, but manages to avoid flashing her pee-pee to her. When Mira makes it to her room, she whips out her grandma’s research in hopes of finding a cure to her. . . boy problem. A small bop on the tip on her way to bed renders her wee-wee erect and ready.

She tries to pull it off and succeeds in discovering jerking off.

Mira casually asks her baby sis if she knows anything about “forcefully changing body parts”. Lia tells her that no reputable magician would teach you how to do so, and mentions the sewers beneath the city — legend has that a witch with a vast knowledge of magic lives inside. Monsters live in the sewers too, so Mira gears up with Explosive Bags the next morning. Against Lia’s wishes, Mira heads to the sewers. She confirms that the witch does in fact exist, though the tales may have exaggerated her power.

She reveals herself to be Granna Grepes, and she knows all about Mira’s plight.

She harvests some. . . necessary ingredients from Mira, and sends her home as she. . . analyzes those ingredients. When she returns to Grana, she explains her theory behind Mira’s transformation β€” alchemy is the magic combination of ingredients, and the results are based on the users’ intentions and materials. Given the fact that Mira desires to be a great alchemist, her mishap at school had taken the form of a penis, which is capable of delivering an enormous amount of magick (in the from of cum.) As magick is an essential ingredient in alchemy, it makes sense that a magick factory would sprout from Mira’s body.

So. . . why don’t all women in this world have big fat dicks?

Grana gives her a list of new ingredients for her to bring back as she try to figure out how to reverse the change. Mire decides to ask around town to find out where to find everything she needs. . . and that’s also when I concluded my playthrough (for the time being). To be honest, I’m eager to see what happens next, and I want to see some hot incest sex between Lia and Mira β€” I’m sure there was a disclaimer somewhere that says Lia is a consenting adult!

. . . right Kagura Games?


The titlescreen is pretty, though I would have liked to have something more. . . plot relevant. The town of Auill is only relevant as the protagonist’s home and starting place. From “Options”, you may adjust audio, display and gameplay preferences. Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed by the user-interface β€” it’s clear that this game stretches the limits of RPGMaker to produce an interface that feels professional. The in-game visuals are generally a delight, though sometimes the sprites appear to be rendered at wonky angles. However, the character sprites are bomb.

The Goods

There are thirteen animated sex-scenes between enemies, each with one or more variants for progression and climax. These scenes are played whenever the protagonist is grappled by an enemy during combat, and they show her being forced to cum against her will. There are also thirteen story-based sex-scenes, which include one or more static CGs with dialogue, and variants for climax and undress. The artwork is phenomenal, and the sex-scenes are ridiculously hot. They focus on the protagonist and her newfound sexual organ, and how she is taken advantage of by people and monsters around her. Many of the characters that take hold of her member are suspiciously loli, but futas and lolis are your thing this game has you covered!


I do recommend this game! However, I would still consider waiting for a sale. Twenty USD is a bit pricey for a game, and given the playtime I’m not sure if it’s worth full price β€” but artwork sure is! Boy golly, I never knew how much I needed futas and totally-not-loli incest in my life! Kagura Games seldom disappoints, Mira and the Mysteries of Alchemy is no exception. This is a fun action-RPG that covers a niche genre with stellar content, and I recommend picking it up when you catch it on sale.

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