Overgrown: Genesis

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Overgrown: Genesis is a lewd, top-down shooter about Juno’s struggle following the end of the world.


(Adult) Content?
(F, FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Game-play?
Three or more hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


. . . in a nutshell

Consult my article on visual novels.

out the shell. . .

Go from point “A” to point “B”, and ration your every resource. Items are rare and valuable, especially ammunition. Enemies are fought in real time, but should be avoided if possible. Losing a close-quarters struggle to an enemy will result in “infection”, if you get too much of it — it’s game over.


The world as we know it as come to an end — the result of deforestation. But it didn’t end in the way you’d think it would. You’d think it would be climate change or “global warming” that’d do the world in. Rather, it was due to a fungus informally named the Parasite, uncovered (and inadvertantly released) from deep within an Amazonian rainforest. It would infect mankind, tranforming them into slaves of sexual desire, resulting in what is know as the Infection. All that’s left of humanity are a few havens led by the Suits.

You play as Juno Townsend. She’s in desperate need of supplies, so she looks to the Suits for work. They task her with replacing a local generator, which means that she must enter infected zone. Unfortunately, that’s not where her problems start — without documents proving that she is a qualified engineer, the Suits won’t hire her. So she has find a man named Billy, a sort of king-pin of connections. In exchange for forging her papers, he sends Juno on a fetch quest.

That, or she sucks him off. Your call — I opted for the sewers.

With her forged papers in hand, Juno returns to the Suits and collects an armed escort. She meets the police chieftain, Gaven. I like Gaven. He’s a ragin’ sexist with looks. They venture into the infected zone, and along the way they pick up a no-name man in a labcoat. After fixing the generator, Gavin and his crew decide to. . . have their way with Juno.

What?! Gaven was a bad guy?


First thing I notice — the application is rendered in a four-to-three ratio, which is dissapointing. I was hoping that it’d fill my screen. Anywho, the titlescreen looks pretty good (for an RPGMaker game). It’s appealing to look at, and I’d say it looks darn near professional. The “Options” screen will allow you to set audio and gameplay preferences. I must say, I thoroughly impressed by the visuals. There are little, if any RPGMaker defaults to be seen here.

The Goods

The artwork is darned good. What’s a shame is how brief the sexual encounters are, for anyone interested in. . . juicy details. Considering there’s a Gallery and and a “skip” button, I think it would be fair to extend scenes (or provide the option to do so). Expect female, male-on-female sexual content.

. . . expect female, male-on-female, and male-on-male sexual content.


Wait for a light sale, it won’t kill you. I can’t say if this this title is worth full price yet — I’ve yet to beat the game. However, this game feels like a high-budget, lewd title.

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