Smart Girl: Christmas

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Smart Girl: Christmas is a number memorizing game.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity.

Blurred genitalia.

Hours of Game-play?
One hour.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Steam.



This article is pending review. It is either incomplete, out-of-date, or I feel the need to disclaim my shame for a something Iā€™m not proud of.


. . . in a nutshell

I need to make some revisions.

out the shell. . .

To progress in this game, you have to memorize six-digit numbers. It’s. . . as fun as it sounds. That, or use your phone (to take a picture). Each stage begins with a screen covered in presents, and each set of numbers you memorize makes one of those presents disappear. Behind the presents is a clothed-girl, and after completing the stage her clothes will also disappear. There’s twelve stages to do, so that should keep you memorizing numbers (or taking pictures) for a while.


There’s no backgrounds or stories. Moving on.


The visuals seem haphazard, and the art styles mismatched. I imagine that a handful of artists were recruited (or mooched from), making for a discordant gallery. Censorship is a no-no from me, but that’s my opinion.

The Goods


If you like memorizing (short) strings of numbers, then Smart Girl : Christmas is for you. This is the only adult-title I can think of who’s gimmick is number memorizing, so if that’s your cup o’ tea, spend that USD. If you want fun or a quality gallery, take that USD somewhere else.

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