Sensual Adventures – The Game (3/5★)

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Sensual Adventures – The Game is a lewd interactive kinetic novel about the “sensual adventures” two futas have before boarding a plane.


(Adult) Content?
(FxF) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.

Gameplay (2/5★)

Click aimlessly and enjoy offhand sex-scenes. . . or skip the former and enjoy all the sex-scenes! “Story Mode” is separated into five chapters. This mode unfolds like a visual novel, with point-n’-click sections in between. The goal of each chapter is click on the correct objects within the protagonists’ pad to advance the story. Typically, you’ll have to mash through a wide array of “wrong” selections and half-assed jokes directed at the player. To be frank, “Story Mode” isn’t very fun. In “Quick Play” you may view most of the game’s animations without playing the story. Each character can be lightly customized from “Customisation [sic]”. You can switch-up their outfits and adjust minor physical characteristics.

I have a question — why is there an “inventory” button if it’s literally never used?

Story (2/5★)

Trinity and Brittany are trying to translate a map (for reasons) — at least, they were translating a map. Apparently, Trinity left said map in Cairo, and now they are stuck booking a flight on a tight budget. However, that’s not the only reason Brittany is fed up with her ex-lover!

Actually, virtually nothing is explained.

I don’t understand why the map’s such a big deal, or why it’s in Cairo. I recognized Trinity and Brittany from another game, but I know nothing about them — and I didn’t learn much else. I discovered Brittany is a porn star that loves plants (sounds like my dream girl!) and Trinity is prone to “angrily jerking” into Brittany’s food and possessions.

Brittany was pissed, but if you ask me. . . that’s kinda hot.

Visuals (3/5★)

The titlescreen looks okay, but the background is boring. It’s basically a snapshot of the game if you didn’t press any buttons. . . kind of like a defective demo! From “Settings”, you may adjust audio, display, and various graphical preferences. “More Products” is a link to Puppetmaster3dx‘s Curator page on Steam. . . lovely. Listen guys, if you’d like to see “More Products” of mine, be sure to check out my Curator page and my Patreon eh? There are no toggleable subtitles for this game. There is an audio-only portion of the game, so it’s disappointing not to have subtitles. There is a watermark that reads “PuppetMaster” on the bottom-right screen. I understand why, but I’ve always found watermarks in paid videogames to be both a turn-off and unprofessional — it’s worth bringing up.

The Goods (5/5★)

Holy balls — and I mean balls! There are ten looping animations to see (fourteen if you count Trinity’s “angry faps”, but they’re just the same animation with a different background). Each animation showcases up to two futanaris (or chicks with dicks and pussies) sexing each other up! Most of the sex-scenes are focused on Brittany and Trinity, but there’s one scene (accessible from “Quick Play”) that offers a new character, Jasmine. Each animation may be viewed from up to four different angles, but there is no “free cam”. They can be sped-up or slowed-down, and characters cum whenever you tell them to — there is no “arousal” or “orgasm” meters. The animations are awesome! However, I would have liked to have seen more variety or flow with each selection. Each scene only includes a few seconds of looping content, and the only time anybody changes position is when they orgasm. Awesome as they are, they aren’t very “replayable” (if you know what I mean).

Verdict (3/5★)

Wait for a good sale — and remember what you’re buying. If you’re the sort to pay for “premium” porn, this game may be right up your ally! Sensual Adventures – The Game is basically a collection of animations with somewhat customizable characters. The “story” is confusing (and not very entertaining). I was lost from the get-go (and nothing is ever explained!) Unless you’re a devout follower of Puppetmaster3dx you can forget about “story mode”. You’re always fighting the camera, and gameplay is slow and unfun. As a game, Sensual Adventures – The Game fails miserably — I only completed the story for review purposes. But if you’re in the market for hot futa-on-futa action, this “game” is no doubt a sensual adventure!

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