Strip Card Duel

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Strip Card Duel is a mildly lewd card game and dungeon crawler.


(Adult) Content?
(F) sexual themes.

Clothes. Ew.

Hours of Game-play?
Four or five hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No. For shame.


. . . in a nutshell

You fight women in a prison using a deck of cards, obtained by defeating the women in (card) combat and via dungeon exploration. Between (card) games, the women get to hurt you, but you can’t hurt them. That’s BS, but regardless you’d best bulk up (explorin’ dungeons).

out the shell. . .

Before entering a round, you must construct a five card hard (using any card in your possession). A player is selected randomly.

Each turn, every player places a card from their hand directly into the playing zone (or “field”). The field is divided into nine portions, each of which a card can be placed into. Cards have a numeric value assigned to each side, which interacts with adjacent cards on the field. Cards with a higher numeric value will capture the inferior card. The goal is be the one with the most captured cards when every slot on the field has been occupied.

The winner is allowed to take (and keep) a card from the loser’s hand. Between rounds, the woman is allowed to attack the man. Every victory lets you remove another article of clothing from your opponents’ bodies. Only when you’re beaten to death or the lady is butt naked will a victor be named.

I feel like. . . women have an unfair advantage.

Between Card Duels, you can enter the Maze. Exploring the Maze is more like a traditional RPG. You battle baddies and bring home the loot. Fighting involves managing TP, a precious commodity which is restored by guarding or resting during combat. Enemies drop DNA, which can be used to summon new party members. By fighting in the Maze, you can gain useful items and equipment for Card Duels.

It’s important to toughen up, so women stop beating you to death.


Kai Forester finds himself on death row. He’s denizen of Sadista, an imfamous prison. He encounters a lady named Charlotte, Sadista’s duel instructor. She explains that the prisoners play a game called Card Duel, a deadly game played in the local prison arena. Kai is required to sign a contract before participating, waiving the prison of any responsibilty should he be hurt.

It also states that any and every female must agree that upon losing a fight, she must be willing to offer her body to her opponent.

I think you and I know where this is heading. The champion of the Card Duel arena is given two options; they may leave the prison (a free person) or stay, and live a life of luxury. Kai agrees to join the arena, and how his prison terms winds up is up to you.


I didn’t find the title menu to be promising. The blurry background and interface did not lead onto a a quality project. There are no options or preferences which can be adjusted from the titlescreen. There is no “always dash” available, and I couldn’t figure out any way to access settings.

Most of the sprites are RPGMaker defaults. The enemies encountered in the Maze are generic and unoriginal. I thought that the character portraits (of the female contestants) were below average. The artwork on the cards and skills were poor. Overall, the visual department leaves a lot to be desired.

The Goods

There’s lingerie! Why have a game about stripping women without nudity. . . ?

. . . expect almost female nudity.


I recommend this game for fans of dungeon crawlers and TCGs. The artwork and gameplay is definitely unpolished, but the gameplay is fun once you get the hang of it. Perhaps with some basic modding, nudity can be introduced.

. . . or maybe a certain developer (or two) can create an adult patch.

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