The Elven Educator ~another ver~

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The Elven Educator ~another ver~ is a lewd clicker/resource management game. Elves and humans have coexisted for centuries, but the elves are in trouble — they need the humans’ help to survive, but they need some. . . convincing. You know, the good kind.


(Adult) Content?
Female-on-male sexual content.

Yes, mosaic’d genitalia. Feck!

Hours of Game-play?
One or two hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


. . . in a nutshell

Bang! Bang! Bang! Come back, and repeat. Profit.

out the shell. . .

There are two major sections to this game — combat and management, with a tinge of visual novel. Let’s start with combat.

Each character has three core stats — health points (HP), attack (ATK), defense (DEF), and luck (LUK). Combat is fought with skills. However, many skills require certain prerequisites to be met before (automatically) triggering. Additionally, many skills require a certain number of turns before and after use (represented as “CT”, what ever that means. Interestingly, attacks, and what order they hit or miss, is predetermined by a string of visible “check cards”. To defeat your adversaries, you will need to take advantage of check cards, and manage your skills.

Some opponents can be enslaved, and put to work. Let’s discuss what I’ll call the “slave screen”.

On the slave screen, characters have a variety of stats. To tame a character, you must “discipline” them via sexual acts (which will consume “Vitality” and “Spirit”). A character can only take so much sexual abuse, so it’s important to let them rest. Some actions (including resting) are performed in real time (owing to the “clicker” gameplay), but you can use “time magic” to effectively skip time, and speed up the process. As characters are “tamed”, they will become able to perform new actions, and learn new skills. For example, you will be able to send them out to battle, or to (passively) collect money. It takes a bit to start up, but time magic is your friend.

Gosh, I wish I had time magic in real life.


Elves were once a proud, noble race. They took refuge in the Forest of Sacred Elf, where they were protected from the outside world. As the elves took shelter, humans developed science and industry, and they invented tools beyond elven comprehension. Humans created pollution, a byproduct of their consumerism. With pollution came global climate change, which over time, resulted in the slow death of the elves’ refuge.

You play as the Educator, and your job is to instill human knowledge to the elves, so that they may continue to exist as a species. Humans grossly outcompete them in every way, and they don’t want want to accept the facts. The Scretary, an elven ambassader, determines that the only way elves will learn is if you violate their every orifice. Apparantly, elves value purity, and stripping them of said purity will open them to human teachings.

Huh. I like where is going.


There is no titlescreen, which means you can only have a single game — for feck’s sakes. Audio and game preferences can be adjusted from a toolbar at the top of the window. Alternatively, the game can be muted at anytime via a “mute” key in-game. CGs (and their respective scenes) can be reviewed from “Memories”. If you’re the impatient sort, you can unlock all the CGs with a press of a button.

The English left something to be desired. Typos are regular, and tSomething that bothered me to no avail were the apostrophes. Anywhere they are to be found, there is large gap between them and the next letter. The interface generally looked alright, but I found it to be hit-or-miss sometimes.

The Goods

The artwork is very high-quality. The majority of the CGs depict BDSM and non-consensual intercourse. There are over twenty sexual scenes to unlock. Male and female genitalia is censored with mosaics. It’s a real shame.

. . . expect female nudity and male-on-female sexual intercourse.


Wait for a good sale. This game demands patience, and it has a bit of a learning curve. I think it’s rough around the edges (especially in the interface and English departments), but it’s worth a try (when it goes on sale). The CGs will get repetitive after seeing them a hundred times, but you can always skip through ’em with the “CTRL” key.

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