Treasure Hunter Claire Review (3/5★)

Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction

Treasure Hunter Claire is a lewd turn-based RPG available on Steam. To experience adult content, the Treasure Hunter Claire Patch must be installed from Kagura Games’ website.

I took me about six hours to beat the game and unlock “NewGame +”, but I didn’t bother completing the majority of optional quests. If I had to guess how long it would take to “complete” the game, I’d say nine hours — as long as quests are completed as they come and not with an over-leveled party. I made the mistake of unlocking nudity early on, trivializing the game.

In Treasure Hunter Claire, less is more!

Chapter Two: Gameplay (3/5★)

Section One: Overview

For most part, Treasure Hunter Claire is a run of the mill turn-based role playing game. Enlisted by the Goddess and Guild, she fights (and fucks) baddies from dungeon to dungeon to collect “treasure”. By leveraging the “Hero’s power”, Claire is able to transform cum from townsfolk and unwanted intercourse into additional “level ups” and improved gear.

If more girls tapped into the “Hero’s power”, they’d collect some “level ups” of their own!

Section Two: Combat

Before leaving town, Claire may recruit up to two party members in exchange for Gold. Once recruited, her “friends” don’t need to be payed again unless removed from the party. The fee is waived for party members with maximum “affection” for Claire.

In the following image, I prepare a party before embarking on a quest. If you compare the “Cost” between possible members, you can see how the price of recruitment varies dramatically.

Combat is initiated by colliding with enemies outside of friendly establishments. Claire and her friends can either employ an “Attack” or “Skill” to damage foes in turn-based battle.

Attacks deal damage based on “ATK” alone, wholly depending on the user’s weapon and physical ability. On the other hand, Skills expend “MP” (or “magic points”) for buffs, spells and alternate attacks. Magic users rely on Skills to leverage “MAT” (or “Magic Attack”) to deal damage.

In the following image, Claire and Milith fend off a group of baddies in the Western Forest.

Enemies may choose to rape Claire and her friends, restricting turns and sapping MP. A raped character has no choice but to “Struggle” to deal damage to the rapist. Left unchecked, a raped character will be forced to climax and left unable to act during an “afterglow”.

But Claire and her friends can flip roles with “Sex Tech”!

Enemies can be sapped of MP and ultimately, left paralyzed by exercising the sexual prowess of Claire’s teammates. No matter who’s on top or bottom, collected “semen” is a vital part of progression in this game — more on that in the following section.

In the following image, I select a Sex Tech for Claire to use.

Section Two: Progression

Treasure Hunter Claire features multiple leveling systems.

Experience (or “EXP”) is evenly distributed among members of a party; rather, as experience points are accumulated it’s up to the player to dole out “level ups” as desired.

Something I enjoy about this system is how it allows players to fight with one or more fallen teammates without stressing about “reviving” them. In a traditional RPG, a fallen teammate receives no experience. In this game, as long as you’re winning battles, any character, including characters left at home can reap the rewards of battle.

In the following image, I spend experience points to level up Lily.

Claire is unique among fighters since she possesses the “Hero’s power”. The Hero’s power allows her to learn new abilities by purchasing and equipping clothes. Unlike other characters in the game, Claire can only learn new Skills by switching up her wardrobe.

But most importantly, the Hero’s power allows Claire to gain power by collecting “semen”.

Semen can also be used to upgrade Claire’s clothes and core stats, such as “ATK” and “MP”. Naturally, as the game progresses the amount of Semen it takes to power up increases as well — but gathering semen only gets easier as Claire and her friends practice sex techniques!

In the following image, I upgrade Claire’s “Negligee” with my hard earned semen.

The Hero’s power is a boon, but nudity is the pinnacle of power in this game.

Whenever a character loses clothes, they receive a dramatic increase in battle effectiveness. In fact, a naked party is necessary to prevent excessive level-grinding. However, removing clothes from Claire and her friends differs mechanically.

Before her friends are willing to strip, Claire must complete all of their corresponding “affection quests”. To note, it’s impossible to complete all five until reaching the end of the game.

In the following image, I show Milith’s second affection quest.

Before Claire is willing to go so much as braless, she must reduce her “shame” by masturbating or engaging in sexual intercourse. Alternative, Claire can utilize rare and expensive “Shy Downs” to immediately reduce her shame without the trouble of “Proposition”.

It takes an awful lot of sex to unlock any form of Claire’s nudity, but her bare breasts can be theoretically revealed shortly after completing the prologue. As a result, Claire can unlock her full potential early on, steam rolling all but the last enemies in the game.

In the following image, I show the effects of taking off Claire’s panties. If you observe her core stats, you can see how “going commando” nearly doubles her overall abilties.

Section Three: Exploration

Claire can “Proposition” just about any friendly male for sex. Players interested in unlocking the complete gallery may enjoy going door to door and man to man in search of new sexual content.

Outside of propositions, exploration is barely encouraged. The explorable world merely offers a handful of single-use chests to reward exploration. Hugging walls in search of elusive treasure or hidden pathways is an exercise of futility.

In the following image, I Claire opens a chest deep inside the Western Forest.

Section Three: Balance

As expected, enemies become increasingly durable. However, the difficulty spike is excessive. Despite grinding for experience points, I was only able to effectively progress due to unlocking early nudity using aforementioned “Shy Downs”.

In fact, combat was trivialized the moment Claire was willing to lose her bra alone.

Unfortunately, new “friends” of Claire don’t come pre-leveled (and it’s a long grind to bring anybody up to speed!) The leveling system doesn’t require Claire’s team to be alive to reap the rewards of combat, but operating short-staffed does translate to longer, harder grinding.

Shown below is a party suited for tackling the end of the game.

Section Four: Controls

The game controls as expected for an RPG. To note, mouse controls are disabled by default — but players interested in mouse controls can reenable them via the “Options” menu.

Combat is a little annoying — the “enter” key has to pressed every time an enemy receives damage. Traditionally, dealing damage after confirming an attack in RPGs is an automated process. Frustratingly, holding down the “enter” key to fast-forward combat stops working whenever Claire or her friends are raped (which occurs more often than you’d think).

In the following image, both of Claire’s teammates are raped after a single turn.

Chapter Three: Sexual Content (4/5★)

Section One: Content

The “Extras” menu suggests a total of XXX unlockable sex-scenes. A variety of generic animations can be seen in-game during combat, offering beastiality, tentacles and otherwise vanilla sex. Most sex-scenes are for soliciting sex, but most sexual content experienced going to be Claire and her friends being restrained and raped during combat.

Treasure Hunter Claire has a strong emphasis on excessive bodily fluids, often portraying what seems like gallons of cum slathered onto the heroines. It’s worth mentioning there’s at least one (unavoidable) futa scene in the game; interestingly, I didn’t see any other futa content. When I see a dick girl, I sort of expect to see more.

Section Two: Implementation

Claire grows stronger by collecting “semen”. The safest method for collection semen is the “Proposition” mechanic, allowing Claire to ask friendly NPCs for “help”. Alternatively, she and her teammates can utilize “Sex Tech” to rape enemies and steal their semen. Rape works both ways — if Claire or her teammates are forcibly fucked, semen is collected for later usage.

Section Three: Interactivity

Sex tech allows players to choose unlocked sexual positions, but sex-scenes are not interactive beyond picking a partner and skipping text.

Section Four: Quality

Outside of combat, the sex-scenes are wonderfully rendered with fun dialogue. Proposals with Claire are definitely a lot of fun, and as a fan of excess bodily fluids Claire’s partners deliver.

But content played during combat is underwhelming. Rapists are but silhouettes, and animations are blurry and robotic. It’s clear Acerola cut costs by reusing a thin selection of generic artwork. Oftentimes, the silhouettes don’t even match the monsters on-screen.

Chapter Four: Story (3/5★)

Section One: Overview

Claire follows rumors about “the treasure that will grant any wish if you find it”. Wishing for nothing more than to “become the richest person in the world”, her sense of adventure takes an expected turn after exploring some inconspicuous “nearby ruins”.

Inside, she finds the “Goddess who protects this island.”

Sensing Claire to be the “descendant of the Hero”, she requests the island be cleared of “those with wicked desires”. After “unlocking the Hero’s power” inside Claire, the Goddess sends her on her way to swipe the island’s riches before anybody else can. Eager to appease the Goddess and her own “money centric mentality”, Claire’s adventure officially begins.

The following image shows what “unlocking powers” entails!

Section Two: Plot

Claire’s recognition as the “Hero” of the story raises red flags, but the Goddess’ motivations are thankfully more than she lets on. I wanted to write off Treasure Hunter Claire as another “chosen one” trope, but something about the Goddess’ willingness to grant Claire “lots and lots of money” struck me as. . . odd.

I figured either the writing is dog shit or the Goddess isn’t telling Claire everything.

After gaining her newfound “power”, Claire resolves to collect the island’s treasure. As she completes “quests” from the local guild, she recovers treasure with “the same sort of feel to it as the Goddess.” She soon crosses paths with Cyrus, leader of the infamous Silver Axe. He swipes her treasure, prompting her and her friends to pursue them and reclaim their loot.

Below, Cyrus thanks Claire for sparing him the trouble of defeating the treasure’s guardian.

Of course, “that Cyrus bastard” is defeated, but he gets away. During her next quest, Claire and her friends are trapped underground. Beneath the Fire Caves, they encounter an underground village inhabited by “the monsters that do not attack people.” They ask Claire and her party subjugate a nearby “rampaging monster”.

On their way, Cyrus rears his head once again, only to be defeated. . . again.

But this time, Claire makes him “swear not to do evil things anymore”. In fact, she even demands he “sign up as one of [her] companions.” With Cyrus out of the way once again, Claire and her friends complete the monsters’ request and turn in for a reward.

In the following image, Claire’s excitedly learns about the “Creator”.

The monsters recognize Claire’s treasure “emanates the power of [their] Creator.” They explain how monsters “were created in the sky”, and that “If one were to wish to speak with [their] Creator, they would surely have to go to Heaven”. Taking the monster’s words at face value, she asks them how to get to Heaven — conveniently, there is “a way there in the back of the Fire Cave.”

Claire and her friends track down a nearby “magic symbol” and are transported to Heaven.

Inside, they encounter the Angelic Boss. Claire learns humans were “created by another God”, and the Angel’s Creator, the Goddess, has determined they are “scum of the earth”. She plans on to “Exterminate all of those who dwell on the surface” once her seal is broken. To break the seal, the Goddess needs the treasure Claire has collected.

So yeah, Goddess didn’t tell Claire everything! But in her defense, Claire should have asked.

Upon realizing “Everything [she] was doing was . . . to help wipe out people on the surface”, she resolves to “beat [them] all!!” After defeating the Angelic Boss, Claire arranges a meeting with her friends. Everyone but Cyrus attends the meeting, last seen “leaving with some stuff earlier.”

Surprise surprise, Cyrus betrays Claire to hand the treasure over to the Goddess.

Claire and her friends follow his footsteps into the “nearby ruins” in which the Goddess showed herself. This time, a staircase leading underground can be found — and they all pour in in a race against time. Expectedly, they’re too late.

It’d be a shame to rob players of a final boss fight, wouldn’t it?

Tantalized by a “wish for finding the treasure”, Cyrus breaks the Goddess’ seal. He wishes “to be so strong that nobody can ever beat me”, prompting a grotesque transformation setting up the final boss fight. But before she sics Cyrus onto Claire, the Goddess reveals yet another scheme.

She explains, “unlocking the Hero’s power for [her], having [her] find the treasure . . . was all so that [she] could steal [her] power!!” But the Goddess finds herself in a pickle; for whatever reason, she is “incomplete” and unable to move. Having granted Cyrus’ wish, she’s “short on magic”.

Having put all of her eggs in one basket, after he is defeated she’s sealed once again. The world is saved, and everybody lives “happily, day by day” — well, except for Cyrus.

Section Three: Characters

The cast of Treasure Hunter Claire is an unremarkable spread of “cow tits” (or in Milith’s case, calf tits). There isn’t much to say about anyone beyond their occupation and mannerisms.

The main protagonist, Claire is just a selfless girl obsessed with money. The game never explains why she chose life as a “treasure hunter”; it seems her lust for riches is just an easy plot device to stage a meeting with the goddess. Her allies are all “yes girls”, leaving only Cyrus to offer redemption to the cast as second antagonist.

Cyrus is a flamboyant piece of shit, but at least his actions by the end of the game seem justified.

Losing her virginity by force and soliciting sex to harvest semen doesn’t bother Claire. Most female protagonists from Kagura Games publications need to morally “warm up” before they’re ready to have consenting, unprotected sex with demons.

In fact, rape doesn’t bother anyone in the game — not for any longer than a few minutes anyways.

Some characters, such as Milith are apathetic even to the notion of rape. I don’t expect to read the psychological implications of non-consent, but I can’t help but feel characters should at least pretend to care.

Section Three: Writing

The characters in this game don’t offer a fraction of believability. If you’re interested in meaningful character growth or conflicts, Treasure Hunter Claire will not deliver. It’s fun taking different characters onto quests to see how they react, but unfortunately the gameplay doesn’t encourage players to mix and match party members.

Careless swear words makes dialogue read like a cringy fanfiction.

Chapter Five: Sound (3/5★)

Section One: Soundtrack

Featuring a generic score of underwhelming, stock fantasy tunes Treasure Hunter Claire fails to impress. By the end of the prologue I was already prepared to mute the application.

The worst part of the soundtrack is hearing the victory fanfare overstay its welcome at the end of every battle, bleeding over whatever soundtrack has been assigned to the area.

Section Two: Sound Effects

Treasure Hunter Claire utilizes regular sound effects to convey Claire’s revelations — I hated them. They felt out of place and over-used, but I understand the intended comedic effect. Otherwise, the sound effects used in the game are just as stock as the music played.

Section Two: Voice Acting

Voice acting is scant outside of sexual content. Although, voice samples played during combat liven battle considerably.

Sex-scenes offers Japanese dialogue; I can’t discuss the quality of acting, but I didn’t hear any background noise. It’s clear the voice samples were professionally sourced.

Chapter Six: Visuals (3/5★)

Section One: User-interface

The user-interface looks great! It’s wonderful deviation from a typical RPGMaker interface, offering a visually interesting experience with animated, thematic visuals. Although, the icon-based pause-menu takes some time getting used to.

Combat ought to have a SEIZURE WARNING — whenever a character or enemy is selected, their avatar rapidly flashes. Flashing sprites isn’t atypical for RPGMaker games, but it doesn’t take a god damn strobe light to tell players who’s selected.

The following image showcases the “Equipment” screen. Other than mismatching fonts, the user-interface is nicely made. Milith’s torn outfit is a useful visual indicator for remaining “HP”.

Section Two: Graphics

Treasure Hunter Claire offers little more than premade graphics of varied stylistic choices. I’ve seen most, if not all other sprites used in different RPGMaker games published by Kagura Games. Anything without tits isn’t worth so much as a mention.

When I strayed from the intended path, I found numerous graphical errors where Claire’s avatar would overlap with foreground elements. In other words, she is displayed on top of sprites she should be behind.

The following image showcases a wide variety of foes and artistic directions.

Chapter Seven: Verdict (3/5★)

I expected something better given the popularity of the game. The writing reads like teen fanfiction and gameplay balance leaves much to be desired. Admittedly, the unlockable sexual content is pretty hot, but it’s only a footnote of playtime.

Most of the game is repeating battles and sex-scenes until they lose all novelty. Although combat offers novel mechanics to spice things up, they fail to make “leveling up” any more engaging. For most players, I recommend passing this game — but if you’re willing to put up with the slog, there are some worthwhile sex-scenes!

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