Tag: Monster Girls

Explorers of the Abyss (3.5/5★)

Explorers of the Abyss is a lewd, turn-based RPG about Ophellia’s quest to undo the Kingdom’s curse by venturing into the deepest depths of the Abyss, an endless labyrinth of infinite monsters!

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ORO (2/5★)

ORO is a lewd RPG about a demon called “Oro” that is tied in a plot of multiple betrayal (and having “some fun” along the way!)

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Spheria’s Familiar (2.5/5★)

Spheria’s Familiar is a lewd RPG about Akito’s unexpected journey into a parallel universe where he joins Spheria in a quest to defeat the Demon Lord and his four Demon Knights.

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FALL IN LABYRINTH is a lewd RPG about a stowaway who crosses paths with a legendary sword forged to defeat a god among gods (and various women that “help” along the way!)

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