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Top Misc Puzzles with Consenting Sex

Tower of Waifus 2 This is game is worth buying for the sex-scenes, but the difficulty and tediousness of the gameplay are not for everybody. Thankfully, there is literally a “skip” button (and there’s a “hint” button that’ll show you exactly what buttons to press).

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Top Misc Puzzles with Rape

Girl and Goblin Sure, I recommend this game. . . but wait for a good sale. Whether you’re you’re in need of not-too-hard puzzles (or help-you-get-hard porn!), Girl and Goblin is not a bad deal. DatWombat, review for Girl and Goblin

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Top Swippy Swappy Puzzles with Rape

Funny Business with My Precious Coach (Anipuzzle Series) The sexual content this game has to offer is phenomenal, but their is zero interactivity, and the gameplay is weak. With that in mind, Funny Business with My Precious Coach is effectively a pornographic short. DatWombat, review for

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Top Swippy Swappy Puzzles with Consenting Sex

What if your girl was a frog? What if your girl was a frog? is a great game; it’s a cromulent, entry-level swippy-swappy experience with great artwork and high overall polish. If you’re an achievement hunter, you’ll be delighted by the easy and adorable

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Top Physics Puzzles with Consenting Sex

Sweet Shine Not bad Hot Hand — I didn’t think I was in for a challenging puzzle game with competent progression and decent artwork! Sweet Shine isn’t a remarkable game (on the contrary, it’s rather generic), but it’s a not a bad buy if you enjoy

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Top Physics Puzzles with Rape

Cute Honey Cute Honey is a typical water physics game, but the level design is reasonably challenging and the animated, interactive sexual animations are dope. You can’t go wrong with this puzzle game! Adorable Witch Adorable Witch is a mediocre game with great

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Top Deck Builders with Rape

Last Evil Despite its flaws, I think I’m going to continue to recommend Last Evil. This game would benefit from another round of love, but it’s still fun deck-builder with loads of adult content. This is a game that’s worth picking up at

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Top Deck Builders with Consenting Sex

Monster Monpiece I totally recommend this game! Monster Monpiece is lot’s of fun! I wish it was lewder (a lot lewder), but I can live with scantily clad monster girls. DatWombat, review for Monster Monpiece

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Top Shoot-’em-ups with Consenting Sex

Epido Epido is a solid shoot-’em-up that’s suitable for newcomers and veterans of the genre alike. However, this game demands some competency; even with power-ups and forgiving combat, you’ll die in a heartbeat if you’re not prepared for bullet hell. I wish

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Top Shoot-’em-ups with Rape

Elite Fighter I didn’t have any fun playing this game. Elite Fighter is a very mediocre shoot-’em-up. There are six enemies (total) throughout the game, and they all play the same. It reminds me of a game called HS Galaxy. Both games offer samey gameplay

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