Top Platformers without Sex

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Metal Unit

Metal Unit is a rogue-like with randomized levels featuring heavy platforming and ranged combat. I found this game to be overtly punishing, but the randomized loot system offers variety between deaths. A big part of the game is evading traps and enemy projectiles simultaneously, a test of player skill.

Monster Girls You-ki Chan

Not to be confused with R18Plus Monster Girl You-ki chan, Monster Girls You-ki Chan does not feature full nudity or rape content. This game is an alright platformer with interesting boss fights. As the game progresses, the enemies become considerably harderMonster Girls You-ki Chan is more suited for intermediate players with quick reflexes.

Wife Quest

Wife Quest is rough on the edges, but it’s a nice platforming-heavy comedy with challenging boss fights. I think this game exists in an awkward place; the core gameplay is really beginner friendly, but the bosses are disproportionately difficult. The only people I can recommend this game to are gamers that are looking for a challenge, but the core gameplay isn’t challenging. If only Wife Quest offered nudity and sexual animations, this title would be so much easier to recommend!

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