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Ambrosia is a lewd RPG about Flode’s search for the seven treasures of Noir to exchange for her friend’s freedom, and ultimately prove her worth as a holy practitioner.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Nine or ten hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Kagura Games.


Slay baddies and spread the gospel as you search for the seven treasures of Noir. Every four days you’re without the goods, your friend will be raped by her captors! Each treasure is said to be hidden inside “sanctuaries”, which are scattered throughout the world map. Dangerous foes guard each sanctuary, so it’s important to raise your strength. Though you can find better gear and “level up”, your strongest weapon is faith. By completing side quests and preaching the gospel, you’ll be able to unlock a variety of new skills and permanent enhancements. Your temple is an essential monument, a means to reach new power levels (and collect extort “donations”!) However, the temple is in desperate need of repairs — you may have to make a few compromises if you’re to save your friend! To put it lightly, when god gives you a bod. . . don’t waste it — get wasted!


Flode is a devout follower of Leight, God of Holy Light. When she refused Chrabon’s sexual advances, he had her expelled on the pretense “she went against her vows”. As the Duke’s son, no one dared question his word — thus, she was exiled to Cerbes Island as a missionary. She was tasked with spreading the Leight’s gospel and “laying low” to avoid further retribution. On Cerbes, she encountered a friendly Alraune, who she named “Lafleur”. A friendship was forged, and together they helped those in need. Little did Flode know, Lafleur is a very special monster; she secrets a special nectar that is key to a grand, alchemical scheme that threatens world order. Soon after they met, she was abducted. Chairman Volze has secured a king’s ransom for Lafleur’s capture. However, he agrees to free Flode’s friend under one condition; she’ll have to bring him the seven Treasures of Noir. As it turns out, Lafleur had friends in high places. The Goddess herself, Noir guides Flode on her journey. As they encounter the secrets of Cerbes, Flode will have to face bitter truths about her world and beliefs.


The titlescreen looks great! It’s nicely arranged, and the artwork is wonderful. Audio, display and gameplay preferences can be adjusted from “Options”. To fullscreen the application, hit your “F4” key. You may need to use the “F3” key to adjust the resolution of the application. There is no “gallery” that can be accessed from the main menu. However, a gallery can be unlocked in-game once you’ve reached a certain point in the story (and once you’re able to afford it). When viewing CGs, the user-interface can be hidden by right-clicking. I’m thoroughly impressed by the user-interface! Other than the offhand, squished text (or the poorly animated battler), the interface is a delight to interact with.

The Goods

There are one-hundred-thirty-nine sex scenes that include dialogue and one or more static CGs with variations. These scenes are derived from sixty-one bases. The vast majority of sexual content is centered on the main protagonist, Flode, but a handful are dedicated to her green-skinned friend, Lafleur. There are few consensual sex-scenes; most content is a combination of extortion, humiliation, prostitution, and rape. Flode is typically abused by her most devout followers and rapey drunkards. Sometimes, she is raped by the monsters she loses to — which includes tentacles! Flode oozes with vaginal discharge (and I love it!) The artwork very high-quality, but unless you’re actively working towards sex you won’t see much of it.


I definitely recommend this game! Ambrosia was a lot of fun, and there’s lots of content to see. I would up getting side tracked for several hours as I explored the world and tackled hidden bosses. This game doesn’t always hold your hand; though your quest objectives are outlined from the menu, you’ll still have to memorize locations and quest givers. I found this game to be more difficult than other releases from Kagura Games. Typically, I am able to figure out a way to cheese my way through their games. Ambrosia features content that’ll keep you challenged for hours on end. There’s lots of collectables, and lots of lewd content to enjoy. Ambrosia is rather grindy, but I enjoyed this game very much — add Ambrosia to your library today!

I received a free copy of this game from Kagura Games. Thanks guys!

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