Fabulous place

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Fabulous place is a lewd turn-based deck-builder with a fantasy theme.


(Adult) Content?
(F) Nudity.

No. Woot! Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Two or three hours. . . ?

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
No, not necessary.


Fight through wave-after-wave of enemies and collect cards to bolster your attacks. Before entering battle, you must choose one of three “rows” from the world map. Each row has an assortment of enemies and chests; the idea is to choose the path of least resistance (and greatest reward!) Combat is turn-based, and you battle using a five-card hand (which automatically replenishes). After every battle, you get to add a new card to your deck! Most cards require “magic” (though it’s regularly translated as “turns”), which is regenerated every turn. Many attacks are situational or based on timers, so it’s wise to consider your magic and targets carefully. You can also heal and defend but the best defense is total offense.

I liked this game (when it worked), so let’s talk about improvement!

Though you collect cards, Fabulous place isn’t much of a deck-building game (and that’s a shame!) You can’t get rid of anything from your deck; as enemies become stronger, it becomes necessary to combo powerful cards. Unfortunately, your deck is always mucked by the awful cards that (A) you started with or (B) were forced to collect. The cards themselves aren’t well balanced; there are many cards that are rendered completely obsolete by equally or less expensive counterparts. Also, enemies become way too strong, way too quick — though my deck grew stronger, I found myself unable to win anymore battles after about an hour of play.


There is no story (and I’m not making one up.)


The titlescreen is pretty, but considering the lack of story or context I’m going to call it stock. I would have liked to have seen the heroine (or maybe even the villain if there is one) — if there’s a budget for a gallery, there’s a budget for a cool titlescreen. There are no user-preferences to adjust; the gearbox icon is just for show. The user-interface is hit or miss, but it’s easy to navigate. The worst part of the UI is the poorly-worded English. When viewing CGs from the gallery, you can’t hide the user-interface or pan the image. Considering the first image is cut-off at the bottom, there should be a means to view the whole CG.

The Goods

The protagonist and her enemies can go bare-breasted; you go topless based on damage, but the enemies go topless based on “Undress” attacks. I enjoyed the art-style of the sprites, so seeing them half-nakie was pretty dope. Each enemy also has an unlockable, static CG that is rendered in a more realistic style (and also topless!) There are ten pieces to unlock in the gallery, and the craftmanship on them is excellent! However, I would have preferred to have seen more artwork based on the character sprites; or better yet, bottomlessness and toplessness!


I can’t recommend this game in its current state. This game is a buggy trainwreck; I almost gave up after the first fight, because I though the game was completely, and utterly broken. But I didn’t give up on Fabulous place! This is just the sort of game I love playing, and I was determined to see what it had to offer. Fabulous place could be an awesome game (especially for the price tag), but it suffers from a gross lack of gameplay balance and seldom rewarding nudity. I loved the animated tiddies, and though the gallery holds impressive artwork it wasn’t what I wanted. I had high hopes for this title, but they were squashed as I came to face one too many bugs.

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