Otome the Exorcist

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Otome the Exorcist is a lewd RPG about a team of schoolgirls and their battle against the evil Voracite.


(Adult) Content?
(FxM) Sexual content.

Mostly no. Woot!

Hours of Gameplay?
Six or more hours.

Modding Support?

Patch Available?
Download from Kagura Games.


This is a basic RPG with semi-randomized dungeons. You can accept a variety of quests to gain powerful allies and items, and to advance the main story. Combat is turn-based, and otherwise unremarkable. As you gain experience, you will level up, improving your base stats. However, experience can be spent on “Ascensions”, which grant new skills. As Ascensions cost experience, they can actually reduce your level — therefore, it woulds be unwise to Ascend in the midst of powerful foes. Certain lewd engagements increase your “Lewdness”, which can be used to unlock sexually-oriented missions.

Otome the Exorcist is different, but far from better than the average RPG.

During my playthrough, I never used the Ascension mechanic. I found the cons to far outweigh the pros. Losing several levels wasn’t worth learning a new skill, considering the tremendous dive in base stats and need to regrind. I ended up using a set of base skills with stun-effects to prevent enemies from responding, employing healing light healing magic between battles as needed. There’s this character — Nanako — whom I highly recommend acquiring as soon as possible. When upgraded, she is an absolute powerhouse. She eventually became my only source of damage, as bosses became grossly damage-spongy.

. . . yes, this is a game you can play one-handed!


In a nutshell. . .

Otome and Mei are a pair of Exorcists, elite warriors that rely on sexual energy to power their magic abilities. They are the only ones that can stop the Voracite, beasts whom desire only young women to abduct and suck dry in more than one way.

Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m hinting at.

. . . out of the shell

The city of Hormori has been the target of a malevolent force, the Voracite. They are immune to conventional weapons, rendering the Hormori government nearly useless in defeating them. Voracite create “nests”, where abducted women are raped, and their magic energy (or “Anima”) absorbed. The only ones that can harm the Voracite are a group of women called “Exorcists”. Otome and Mei are students of Hormori University, and members of the Subjugation Club. They are lead by Momoko, an older woman that supervises their activity. The story begins with Otome and Mei on a mission to shut-down a minor invasion based in the Hormori public Park.

In the center of the Park nest is a hapless Koyoki.

Otome and Mei rescue Koyoki after watching a penetration-session with a tentacle monster. With the boss-monster defeated, Otome heads back to HQ. Later that day they visit the Koyoki in the hospital. Grateful for Otome’s help, she decides to join the Subjugation Club (and eventually Otome’s party). Momoko provides intel regarding new Voracite Nests, which continue to appear through-out the city. Aside from the Voracite, Otome is challenged by the Church, worshipers of the Voracite, and her own sister, an Exorcist with unrivaled power.

While the story stays the same, whoever joins Otome’s cause is up to you.


The titlescreen looks great! I am disappointed by the inability to adjust user-preferences from the titlemenu. You may adjust audio preferences in-game using the “F5” button. The “Gallery” allows you to review previously encountered CGs. The in-game visuals are generally unremarkable, laden with recognizable RPGMaker assets. I did enjoy the somewhat expressive character portraits, though full-art CGs are few and far between.

The Goods

There are fifty nine sex-scenes to see, each with one or more static CGs. You can view the full scenes or individual CGs from the Gallery, accessible from the titlescreen. The artwork is very high-quality, though seldom seen with a proper background. It is generally overlayed on the world map, which I always find distracting. Most of it is tied to losing specific boss fights, or collecting enough “Lewdness” to engage in select missions. The sex-scenes typically depict blackmail or rape between the protagonist and her foes, or a certain rapey janitor. Consensual sex is few and far between.


I recommend this game when it goes on sale. There’s tons of great CGs, but Otome the Exorcist isn’t a stellar H-game or RPG. Neither combat or erotic content are well-balanced. Hadn’t I invested into a certain character with a super-OP attack, and employed cheap stun-lock tactics, I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere in the game. Most of the lewd events are locked behind losing, or a difficult to attain “Lewdness” level. Despite its shortcomings, I would keep Otome the Exorcist on your “Wishlist”.

Wombat Woe — Mistranslation
When failing to flee, Japanese message appears on screen, rather than (what should be) an English message (stating something along the lines of “you failed!”)

Wombat Woe Mistranslation
When viewing your current Missions and Assignments, the “University” floors are instead called “Acadamy” floors. I looked high and low for the “Acadamy” floors, wandering aimlessly. It wasn’t until I found another quest that was completed at the “Acadamy” that I could deduce that it was actually the university.

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