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Top Side-scrollers with Consensual Sex

Salubrious Scales The artwork and visuals are spot-on; unfortunately, the gameplay is simply too underwhelming for me to wholeheartedly recommend this title. However, if you are on the market for a low stress platformer with top notch anthro artwork, Salubrious Scales has got you

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Top Side-scrollers with Rape

Atelier Tia Atelier Tia is a monotonous, button-mashing beat-’em-up with an impressive amount of lewd content. If you get off on rape (lots, and lots of rape), you’ll love what this game has to offer! During my playthrough, I counted maybe two consensual sex-scenes (and

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Top Rogue-likes

Metal Unit Metal Unit drops the ball on story telling, but as long as you can tolerate the punishing grind it’s a solid rogue-like! Metal Unit is not a game you can simply “pick and and play” on a whim. DatWombat, review for Metal Unit

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Top Rogue-likes with Rape

Elewder To claim your freedom, you must climb fifteen randomly generated floors. There are a variety of rooms that may spawn; they offer a combination of traps, chests and enemies. DatWombat, review for Elewder

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Top Action RPGs with Consensual Sex

Action Taimanin Unfortunately, there is no sexual content in this game. Action Taimanin is worth playing once or twice as a free introduction to the universe — but it’s far too expensive to get invested into. DatWombat, review for Action Taimanin

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Top Action RPGs with Rape

Demon Sword: Incubus The only redeeming quality to this game is the creative sexual content. Demon Sword: Incubus isn’t a great game, but if you’re looking for a reason to turn off your brain for an afternoon it might be worth looking into. DatWombat,

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Top Kinetic Novels with Rape

Nympho wife Nympho wife has tons of wonderful artwork to see (which is unfortunately censored). I’d argue the CGs alone justify the price; if you’re looking for a pack of high-quality artwork, this is a great deal! But in terms of gameplay, there

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Top Point ‘n Clickers with Rape

Fashion Business I want to replay and finish this game to do it justice. It takes a while for the ball to start rolling in Fashion Business, but they say “hunger is the best spice”; when Monica is forced to experience a

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Top Kinetic Novels with Consensual Sex

Forest Guardian This is wholesome story about fear, friendship and love, and the sexy-time comes naturally as a result of the main characters’ interactions. DatWombat, review for Forest Guardian

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