Treasure Hunter Claire Preview

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This “preview” is just the tip; if you’d like to go balls deep, consider reading my full review.


Treasure Hunter Claire is a lewd turn-based RPG that follows the adventure of “cow tits” — erm, Claire and her friends as they recover treasure in the name of the Goddess. Exploration is pointless and leveling up is monotonous, but there’s plenty of side quests to make battling the same enemies again and again slightly less boring.

Sexual Content

Featuring a variety of novel mechanics, Treasure Hunter Claire encourages players to suck and fuck anything that moves. Collecting cum and losing clothes is the way to complete the game.


I was expecting something better. Poor writing and repetitive combat make Treasure Hunter Claire a bore. As awesome as the sexual content can be, in the face of “leveling up” it feels like an afterthought. But as long as you’re willing to mechanically exploit the game a little bit, the gallery is worth is unlocking.

On the fence? Consider reading my full review on Treasure Hunter Claire.

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